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  1. Bamber, Great info, many thanks. When did he retire? Did he sell the house or simply pass away and leave it to ruin? I remember in the late 80's it was in fairly decent condition, i.e some glass was still in the windows/doors, lawn not too long, summer house(s) intact. There were still some items in the house as well, such as toys/kitchen utensils, and even an oven etc. I do remember that when the builders began dismantling it (sad day), they found various items including a train set in the loft. Strange how things like that were left, and bizarre that this Doctors abode for so long became ou
  2. Ayup Beefsteak Thanks for your reply! I can't believe you've just told that story! I've not thought about that for so many years. I remember now, in the late 80's every kid who knew Douglas Avenue (Douggo as it was known) knew that story, and I always thought it was frightening but never really believed it back then. Thinking back now though, I believe it was true. It's one hell of a hill, going down it with no hands on the handlebars of your bike seemed a great idea at the time! It's amazing how I cannot find anyone who remembers the doctors house. Hoping that it will spark a memory from so
  3. Ayup all, I'm new here, been reading your forum for some time and am fascinated by the memories people share. Being only 31, I'm hugely nostalgic about my childhood, it seems that so much has chance since I was a wipper! Anyway, I was wondering if there's anyone out there, who lived in the Carlton/Bakersfield area between 1950 and 1990 (Narrows it down....or not!). A very good friend of mine used to live on Oakdale Road, and as a child I spent a lot of time around there. There used to be a private road called The Broadway, with a large piece of land at the end of it (it was not far p