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  1. Just for a bit of fun I coloured a black and white image of a Notts and Derby Tram at the terminus on Upper Parliament Street Nottingham. I am not making any claims that these colours are at all accurate though.
  2. I have only just come across this topic while researching Nott's and Derby Traction Tramcar livery, so please excuse me for bringing it up again if you bother about such things. These model trams are a good representation of the ones used by Nott's and Derby Traction. As said above they didn't have fleet names on the side, Derby's trams had a very obvious fleet name that I can't believe this very good model maker would have left off his models. The description of the N&D tram livery that I have seen are either Light Green and Cream or Bright Green and Cream, that would also match
  3. Mention above by Brew of a Brough Superior with twin rear wheels, I just came across this pdf article about one.
  4. Does anyone have any information on Nottingham made Blacknell Sidecars? either Shops, Factories or products. I can remember in the mid 1960's you could buy second hand combinations for about £25
  5. I haven't posted here for a while, I was looking for information on Blacknell Sidecars, they had a shop at 9 Derby Road at one time and in 1959 had a new factory at the Wharf, Gregory Street, Lenton. Last year I finally started restoring my 1966 Triumph Tiger 90, I bought the bike in 1969 but for the last 40 years it has languished in various sheds and garages and suffered a bit over the years. I just didn't have the time or money to do anything about it until I retired a few years ago.I stopped working on it in the winter as I only have a leaky asbestos garage to work in, I prefer
  6. No offence at all, I just thought I should put some perspective to the exhibition. Janine is a remarkable lady and wouldn't allow INTU to scupper her dream of making sure that as many people in the city as possible get to know about the station. Some say she carries a blue brick plucked from the dark depths of Thurland Street Tunnel in her handbag, helps no end in negotiations.
  7. Just to mention that the exhibition being discussed was put together by members of a Facebook Group, there wasn't any official backing from any organisations, The exhibition had very meagre funds but a lot of effort combined with a great passion for the station. Mostly the work of one woman, Janine Tanner, a great deal of persuasion was required to get INTU to allow any sort of commemoration of the Victoria Station in the shopping centre. I don't think the expectations of the group were to excite the knowledgeable, like yourselves, but more to enlighten the many who didn't even know there had
  8. Can anyone help with this query that was posted on a Nottingham Railways Facebook Group? "Not quite on message, but I need a little help. I am a priest in Northampton. I am to take a funeral for a former ticket collector on Nottingham buses. The family tell me that there was a local name for such a person but cannot remember what Mum told them. Can you help?"
  9. There were Jenson Motors Jen Tug petrol engine and Jen Helec battery powered. Also the Karrier Bantam.
  10. Red zone car park area under the Victoria Centre, but what's behind the doors?
  11. C12 Tank loco 67363 on a RCTS tour in 1951, this loco was used on the Annesley Dido too. I don't know if it was the same tour but in the same year 1951 this loco ended up at Heanor South station on the GNR Ilkeston to Heanor branch with a RCTS special.
  12. Edited, I removed the image I posted here because I have just realised it was posted in another thread on this site by another member a while ago. So I will use a link to his original post instead.
  13. A group of people from a Nottinghamshire railways related Facebook group recently had the pleasure of a guided walk inside the Thurland Street tunnel. Accessed from the underground car park levels. It is still in very good condition apparently. I have been amazed at how much of Nottingham Victoria still remains, there is a small section of the stations Glasshouse Street wall left visible, complete with the buff coloured glazed bricks.
  14. Just catching up on this thread, Post # 84, there is a photo of a MGO A1 at Broadmarsh.