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  1. Oz, Tunnocks chocolate caramel wafers are still one of my favourite treats with a cup of coffee. I think they've resisted the “make it smaller, charge the same” trend of recent years I'm pleased to say. Their website records that the chocolate coated caramel wafer was born in 1952 so only two years younger than me. I've also discovered that they offer a giant chocolate caramel wafer weighing in at 37g vs the standard wafer at 30g. Must track some of them down pronto.
  2. The closest I came to High Pavement was my time at the Stanley Rd site as a pupil of Forest Fields Grammar from 1961-66. My cousin Alan Whyley attended the Bestwood site from 1958 onwards as did a neighbour in Beechdale, Craig Thorpe. I later worked with ex Pavior Paul Seaman at Boots QA Labs in D10 Beeston 1968-72 and later still Lawrence Watkins. Wondered if these names mean anything to ex Paviors posting on here.
  3. I found the High Pavement website a few years back when I was researching my dad’s (1915-2004) school days. He attended the Stanley Rd school around 1926-1930 and I found the articles in the school magazine The Pavior very interesting particular the photographs of the Stanley Rd site which I attended as a pupil of Forest Fields Grammar School in 1961-66.
  4. Just as I remember it. The waitresses would listen to your order then quote it back to you without writing it down much to the amazement of all in the room especially if it was a large order.
  5. Nice looking collection Rog. I guess the PC brigade will be telling us to bin any Nazi referenced stamps anytime soon.
  6. Happy memories of The Gaumont. My mum told me it started life as the Hippodrome. My band mate and I went to see The Beatles in Help there in the Summer of 1965. It was probably the first time I'd seen them in a colour film. Wonderful experience. Jack Brentnall’s music shop was across the road next to The County Hotel. We used to press our noses against the window drooling over their fantastic guitar stock. On Wollaton St was The Stamp Centre where my dad and I would call in, in the early 1960s and buy stuff for our collection. Is it still there? There was als
  7. The odds of winning Euromillions are, shall we say rather long. I only buy a ticket when the jackpot breaks the £100m mark. I think we'd all have a better chance if they changed the rules to disallow non Brits from winning it. Non Brits should still be allowed to buy a ticket however lol
  8. This site is brimming with Nottingham beat group nostalgia. A really great read. BTW as a 15/16 year old I played in a band initially called The Dyaks later becoming Cure. We practised in the church hall of High Church St Methodist in New Basford and did a few gigs around Nottingham such as the YMCA on Shakespeare St, Peveril School and St Jude’s Hall Mapperley Top. We were active 1965-6 and had the time of our lives.
  9. Same old, same old from Forest. Mr Marinakis is highly unlikely to change his style so I expect Forest to struggle again in the Premiership next season. It clearly suits him whatever he's up to behind the scenes. Forest's home record is P19, W5, D5, L9 and they're putting up the price of season tickets! I've heard lots of Forest supporters say they'd rather watch Forest winning in the Championship than losing in the Premiership. The supporters and their management also think the Premiership, it's officials and administration are corrupt. So what does the future hold fo
  10. Well Oz, what an amazing pair of results for you to wake up to. What a great afternoon for the Reds as they come away from Sheffield with the win. The team coach will be rocking as it wends its way the short distance down the M1 back to Nottingham. And just when you thought things couldn't get any better, Burnley implode and get thumped by Newcastle. My reputation as a football pundit is now in tatters and I'm considering returning to my previous job as a rent boy. It's well paid but after the medical bills there's not a lot left. Just kidding. Back to today’s football. Mr Marinak
  11. Oz, The Daily Mirror article was linked in a Times article about Forest's owner. I rarely read newspapers these days. I prefer to get the latest news from the internet. Back in the day I would spend hours reading The Sunday Times and if I was away on business I would try and pick up The Telegraph. I remember my dad had The Daily Mirror delivered every day in the late 50s and early 60s but I rarely read it. He used to have several Sunday papers every week and he would always watch the news, consequently he was always well versed in current affairs. I've inherited his lo
  12. Mess

    Duane Eddy

    I loved Duane Eddy. His twangy guitar sound was such an important part of the early 1960s music scene especially to a budding guitarist like me. I was at Uni in Manchester (Salford to be precise) 1972/3 and used to listen to The Johnnie Walker show on Radio One on Wednesday afternoons when we had free time. He used Duane's “Because They're Young” as his theme music and it brings back happy memories when I hear it. I also love this one from 1975. RIP Duane Eddy a guitar legend.
  13. Oz, I agree, things have gone very pear shaped at Forest since the change of ownership. There may be a clue in here:
  14. Oz, I think if Forest can manage to win tomorrow (Saturday) it will be a huge step towards them securing another season in the Premiership The Burnley game against Newcastle will also have a huge bearing on who's staying up. If Forest draw and Burnley manage a win then they will both have 27 points leaving Luton next to bottom with 26 points. It all makes for a thrilling finish if you like that sort of thing.
  15. Oz, I agree with you that Forest are in real danger of losing their focus which is to bag as many points as they can manage from their last three games. It does appear as if Nuno is getting his excuses ready should Forest fail to stay up. Luton will be trying very hard not to lose to Everton tonight and a draw looks likely. Should they win then the pressure on Forest will get cranked up another notch which they could really do without. Again a draw looks the most likely outcome but jangled nerves can produce funny results. Don't forget The Blades are definitely relegated which m