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  1. Oz, Yep it looks like Steve Cooper has got the players on side and they're performing to their potentialat at last. I think Chris Hughton was happy to take the payoff at the end. Hard to work out why it went wrong for him. His track record was quite good but it soon went downhill for him. Nigel Clough's good start has quickly fallen apart. Again his track record is good but he can't seem to make it happen with the Stags currently. I fear his public criticism of some of his players hasn't worked. Bit too early to talk about relegation but if they're still stuck at the bottom by Christ
  2. Jazzy

    Do you remember me Nigel & Chris who played guitar in the school group?

    1. Mess


      Hi Nigel,

      Great to hear from you.

      I certainly remember you and Chris from my time at Roland Green. Great times with Mick Coombes and his fuzz box and rehearsing in your dad's pub The Locomotive

      I think I've seen Chris posting on FB. Looked like he was still enjoying himself in a band.

      Do you still play? I still have several guitars and enjoy myself at home although my playing is still quite basic lol. Would you believe I bought an Epiphone SG for £40 yesterday at a car boot? Few dings but still a bargain.

      The last time I saw you was in Nottingham many years ago. You were driving a very nice yellow Jensen sports car which you bought with some money you'd won. I was very envious lol.

      I see you're based in Thailand now. 
      It would be great to hear what you've been up to all these years


      Ian Cresswell

  3. Mess

    Frido balls

    Thanks for that DavidW. I'd forgotten about the yellow sticker over the valve. I always thought it was there to keep dust and mud out. IIRC the Fridomaster was a much heavier ball hence there use by professional players in training.
  4. For my birthday one summer in the late 1950s my mum and dad bought me a shiny white Frido football. Frido balls were very popular back then and were also available in red. IIRC they cost about five bob and came with a brass valve and adapter to inflate them. The kids these day call them floaters because they were made of vinyl and quite light. On a windy day they would get blown all over the park. Anyway, these footballs were great for youngsters because you could head them without knocking yourself senseless lol. I was delighted with my white one and ran into the garden to have a kick aroun
  5. Senior moment in my original post. Pennant not pendant doh. Now it's been mentioned I remember the tests being conducted after school in the playground.
  6. Who remembers the dark green triangular felt flag pendants that you were awarded when you passed the Nottingham Cycling Proficiency exam? I didn't have one personally but I remember many of my school pals having one on their handlebars back in the late 1950s. IIRC the pendants featured the city coat of arms in yellow along with some other wording. I wonder if anyone still has theirs. I imagine they wouldn't be allowed these days as they could inflict a nasty injury if you fell on one.
  7. Tommy Cooper was Welsh so you never know. Let's hope Steve is a magician too.
  8. Oz, In common with many others on here I'm finding it very difficult to post images and even links on this site nowadays. The characters I referred to can be seen if you do an image search on Google for Nottingham Football Post. It should bring up a picture of said newspaper for May 1959 when Forest won the FA Cup. I do wonder when the FP stopped using the characters across the top of the paper.
  9. Yes Oz, football's a funny old game. I didn't expect Forest to win yesterday especially away from home. I did think Derby might spring a surprise though. Should have had a flutter. Talking of local clubs I'm sure you remember the Thomas Henry characters across the top of the front page of The Football Post which included all the teams you mention with the exception of Doncaster. I have some old Post Football Guides from the 1920s and 30s and the Sheffield clubs get included as well. My pride and joy is a PFG from 1915 which is an absolutely fascinating read.
  10. I feel really sorry for the Derby supporters. Put into administration by a wealthy owner who is only trying to cover his backside and doesn't really care about the club. There's no way they won't be relegated now. And what about Forest? Can a new manager save them from relegation? It's possible but I fear their owner is just using the club for his own ends. Mansfield have imploded recently but surely Nigel Clough is a good enough manager to bring them success eventually? And then there's dear old Notts County. They seem to have come through some very turbulent times and although
  11. Mess

    telly adverts

    The next ad is rumoured to employ a three legged dog.
  12. Mess

    telly adverts

    It must be a nightmare to be all inclusive when ad agencies are working on a campaign. To try and present a cross section of the British Population in 30 seconds is one hell of an undertaking
  13. Mess

    telly adverts

    Since when did the soaps mirror real life?
  14. I can't see things improving at Forest until the club is sold.
  15. The game against Derby this Saturday is make or break for Chris Hughton. If Forest lose the fans will be reaching for their pitchforks. If they win, it will buy him a bit of time to try and get some points under their belt. I don't think Forest will lose. Past history shows that Forest always manage to raise their game against Derby who aren't exactly tearing up the league at the moment. I predict a very dull 0-0 draw which will give CH a couple more games to get a win. If he doesn't then I fear he'll be gone. Who will come in? On the NP site I've seen suggestions that N