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  1. Mess


    Is this the answer? Trump thinks so and so do some qualified researchers. Boris & Co. : Worth a look surely?
  2. I heard The Daventry Express were on to it so watch this space.
  3. I now live in Daventry and my son works close to a small village a few miles from here. I'm 70 this year so with the new government advice I'm trying to stay in most of the time although I do exercise our two dogs daily on the nearby country park where I don't come in to contact with many people. My son has been picking up a few groceries from stores that have got stuff on his way home. Today he called me at lunchtime and asked what we needed as he was in the village Co-op. He managed to get a few items but not paracetamol so he went next door to the local pharmacy where the guy was selling a pack of 25 antibacterial wipes for £7.99 and a pack of 16 paracetamol tablets for £12. My son reluctantly bought the wipes but left the paracetamol. I think £12 for paracetamol is absolutely scandalous. We've got a car so can shop around but what about the villagers who are stuck? If I'd been there I would have been tempted to put a brick through his window, the robbing bastard. I hope the villagers boycott his shop in future. I'm sure if he tried that in some countries he would be hung. I'm still seething I'm just hoping he gets the virus and suffers (not dies of course). If the situation continues to deteriorate I wouldn't be surprised if a customer doesn't deck him. We're getting close to war footing and most decent people simply won't stand for that kind of behaviour. Sorry for the rant but in an emergency people who can't show a community spirit had better watch out.
  4. I was born in 1950 so SN&SM was a few years before my time. I've always loved the film however and can remember many of the places featured particularly the Nottingham canal where my dad and I used to walk along the tow path from Woodyard Lane to Wollaton when I was about 7 or 8. I also spent many happy hours with my dad watching football and cricket being played on the Raleigh Sports Ground usually on a Sunday. As a youngster I used to stand in the Castle grounds enjoying the view across Midland Station out to the Football Grounds and beyond. There's a scene towards the end of the film that features my dad's old employer W. J. Simms Sons & Cooke Ltd featured on a hoarding. He worked for them for over 35 years. Another Nottingham based Alan Sillitoe novel is the lesser known The Ragman's Daughter which was also made into a film in 1972. It's discussed elsewhere on this site. I visited the chip shop on Berridge Rd that features in the film many times as a teenager.
  5. Brilliant katyjay. I'd completely forgotten that.
  6. What an amazing organ the brain is. This has just flashed into my head. Boomerang, boomerang this is our song, Merrily, merrily we go along. Boomerang, boomerang look over there, It's Tingha and Tucker the two little bears. I wasn't a big fan of the show although as stated previously I did warm to Willy Wombat. Strange how these things stick.
  8. I used to like Willy Wombat best. He used to fall asleep a lot IIRC. My role model these days. There's a FB appreciation page here: BTW there was a very naughty corruption of their names when I was at school in the early sixties which I won't repeat.
  9. I used to enjoy Johnny Morris telling stories as The Hot Chestnut Man but thereafter I agree with you Brew he was somewhat naff. I've just checked out the BBC Genome site which is a real treasure trove for lovers of old BBC TV and Radio programmes and it has continue to evolve. You can now view the contents of old copies of The Radio Times as scans of the originals. It goes right back to the first issue from 1923. The old adverts are just wonderful and the contents in general are an outstanding read.
  10. Who remembers the ITV programme Popeye the Sailor Man? I remember watching it in the early 60s on Monday teatimes in grainy 405 lines and B&W of course. I used to enjoy the cartoons but the presenter used to bore the arse of me. He was an old guy with a white beard and pipe in a sailors outfit. Definitely a forerunner for Captain Birdseye. I think he used to have a Jack Russell dog with him too. In true sailor fashion he would refer to the viewers as shipmates or maties and drone on about stuff I wasn't the slightest bit interested in. His role seemed to be to pad out the 2 or 3 Popeye cartoons that were shown in the slot. As I've aged I've become more and more like the overweight, hamburger munching character Wimpy. I see from Wikipedia that J Wellington Wimpy was a major character in the original newspaper strip but when the series became an animated cartoon series he only had a minor role because he was considered to be "too intellectual" That really is me to a tee. Fat, greedy and intellectual lol
  11. Mess


    I've just found this: . Maybe things are looking up although I note McDonalds and Costa aren't listed as partners.
  12. Mess


    Litter, well, to use the modern vernacular it does my 'ead in. How can people be so selfish and uncaring about their surroundings? When I were a lad sure there was litter but It seems to be getting worse these days and it isn't just the youngsters. I grew up in the 50s and 60s and back then my mum and dad's generation were much more caring. I guess they were just happy to have made in through WWII. They taught me that littering was almost as bad as vandalism. The Keep Britain Tidy campaign along with a £50 fine if you were caught littering was quite effective but is now long forgotten. Nowadays I live in a small Northamptonshire town and the council employ a good few "litter pickers" but still litter is evident at the side of the roads and paths. I find it offensive and when I walk our dogs I regularly pick up what I can manage. I simply can't understand why people drop litter so close to litter bins. Haven't they got a brain? As for people who throw stuff out their car windows, they should be publicly flogged and people that indulge in fly tipping should have the word "slob" tattooed on their forehead. As a start I think all drinks should be sold in a returnable glass bottle. Or you could even consider a 5p deposit on a can, refundable when returned to a recycling centre. I bet you wouldn't see so many discarded then. I see some places have started having litter picking days where the community get together and go out picking. A great idea which I hope catches on before we all drown in a mountain of crap.
  13. If you're interested in old valve amps you should checkout John is Nottingham based and I came across his site when I was researching Linear amps. Linear were cheap and cheerful valve amps from the early 60s which lots of lads bought when they started out on electric guitar. They were definitely “no frills” but they've become sought after over the years and command decent money now if you can find one. John's website is full of information and pictures of those pioneering valve amps such as Selmer, Vox, Bird, Watkins etc. A great read if you were in a band in the 60s. BTW our band’s rhythm guitarist had a Selmer 30 watt all transistor amp back in 1965. The amp was just a small rectangular box perched on the top of a 2 x12” speaker cabinet. It looked punny after the big heavy valve tops but it was much lighter and bleddy loud. Like all solid state electronics it came on instantly without the warm up delay.
  14. Hi manorcom, I've just been reading this thread with great interest. In the mid 60s I played in a band with a lad called Charles aka Tony Dickens who lived on Gawthorne St. Tony joined Bendix in 1966 and had a Cavern Deluxe which sounded great. He worked with an electronics engineer called Joe Green who helped our band out a lot with his knowledge. Tony knows quite a bit about the Bel amps. He's posted on here as tony1 in the past but is also on FB as Charles Dickens. I've got an email address for him too which I can send as a PM if you'd like
  15. Back in the late 1970s when I worked in Peterborough a fellow Nottinghamian made a reference to snobs and I was the only other person in the room that knew what he was talking about. Outside of Nottingham they're always referred to as five stones.