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  1. Bury were kicked out the league if you recall
  2. Gold is still the most attractive investment because it's free from VAT when you buy it. Other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium all attract VAT.
  3. Mansfield have had a poor season thus far and the Radfords must be very disappointed after coming so close to promotion with David Flitcroft. I can't see them dropping out the league again but they could be playing Notts again in L2 if the mighty magpie's revival continues. It would be so ironic if Notts and Mansfield changed places. The Mansfield fans really enjoyed Notts demise last season and were very disparaging about Alan Hardy. Mr Hardy brought a lot of it on himself but the new owners and management team seem to be getting Notts back on an upward trend. I can't see Lincoln doing much now the Cowleys have left. I think they'll be back in L2 or even non league again quite soon. I hope Chesterfield come good again. Kevin Randall was a great player for Notts in the late 60s I think Forest might just make the play offs but thereafter who knows? Wayne Rooney is certainly having a positive impact at Derby after their recent woes. If Forest don't get promoted this season I predict Derby will be pushing them much harder next season. Funny how Forest supporters don't mention Leicester much these days.
  4. Ritter do an excellent dark chocolate marzipan bar. Tesco used to sell them and I think Waitrose still do.
  5. It kills your fingernails trying to manoeuvre a heavy mattress with no handles.
  6. Great article here: I saw one of the original empty Black Magic caskets from the 1930s at an antique fair a few weeks back. It still had the red ribbon on it.
  7. Yep they're still around. I saw them in Sainsbury’s earlier this week. Anybody seen Nuttall's Mintoes on sale anywhere? IIRC they were made in Doncaster. M&S did a slightly softer version a few years back but they could still manage to pull yer fillings out.
  8. Well here we are. Fifty years to the day when The Beatles released their swan song(s) Abbey Road and still the BBC2 special discussed in this thread hasn't surfaced. I'm particularly disappointed because back in September 1969 I was having the time of my life. I was 19 and still living at home, doing well at college (Trent Poly) and at work (Boots QC Labs in D10 Beeston) Notts County were on the up again after years in the wilderness. The world was my oyster. Me and several chums used to descend on The Grosvenor on a Friday night after a hard week at work and college. Most Saturday mornings there was overtime available in Boots QC labs with the bus picking up outside Toby’s on Friar Lane at 07:30 so it was important not to get carried away drinking the Home Ales bitter that the lovely fiery redhead Hazel used to dispense in the lounge. The resident gay guy Claude used to provide the entertainment. Players No6 and Embassy were the cigarettes of choice back then and the air was always thick with cigarette smoke as we accumulated the vouchers to exchange for gifts. The effects on our lungs never crossed our mind in 1969. Goose Fair was only a week away and we all left the pub promptly at 10:30, so called drinking up time to walk back to my mum and dads house on Russell Road to watch The Beatles new LP being reviewed on BBC2. A few months earlier my dad had rented a new colour TV from Radio Rentals and we all crammed into the back room to watch and listen to the Fabs latest offering. I wish I could go back and see it and do it all again. Abbey Road and Rubber Soul are Beatles albums I can feel as much as listen to. What a time, what a band.
  9. We're on a roll. COYP
  10. A few years back I bought a Notts County programme for Notts v Forest at Meadow Lane dated 22nd April 1950. I got it off a trader in West End Arcade for £15. The record books show that Notts won the game 2-0 with Lawton and Sewell scoring. The attendance was 46000 with Notts completing the double over Forest that season having beaten Forest 2-1 at the City Ground earlier in December 1949 with 38000 watching. In that game Lawton & Broome scored for Notts. That season (1949/50) Notts were promoted as Champions of Div 3 (South) whilst Forest finished 4th. They were promoted the following season. Halcyon days for Nottingham football especially Notts supporters. Just goes to show how badly things have gone wrong at Meadow Lane of late.
  11. At the other end of the scale Peter Brough with Archie Andrews was the worst yet he was extremely successful on the radio where his vent skills were irrelevant.
  12. Gottle of geer. Fly2 you're quite right that technically Arthur Worsley was an outstanding vent but it was Nottinghamian Neville King who made me laugh most.
  13. Very interesting thoughts Deepdene Boy. You're so right about how the style of play changes through the leagues. A few seasons back when Notts were relegated from L1 to L2 I noticed how much more physical the games became. I really can’t see Enzio or Vaughan doing any good at all in non league. I believe Vaughan is out of contract anyway. It would seem that to succeed in the lower leagues you need huge strong players who can take it as well as dish it out. The best example I saw this season was when Newport came to Meadow Lane. They were huge and battered Notts. Jamille Matt was outstanding. Stags take note for the playoffs Newport are no pushover and if Mr Flitcroft thinks passing football will get Mansfield to Wembley he's in for a surprise. BTW I bet Michael O'Connor is pleased he chose Lincoln over Notts and what about Derby's rising star Mason Bennett? He looked an excellent prospect when he came to Notts on loan but he only managed one game before his hamstring injury meant he had to return to The Rams.
  14. I think bringing in highly paid players like Dennis, Hemmings, Enzio and later Vaughan didn’t go down too well with the other members of the squad especially when, with the possible exception of Hemings they didn't perform on so many occasions. It happens so often in football these days. Some of these highly paid prima donnas secure a lucrative contract then couldn’t care less.They still get their obscene salaries no matter what. Some even feign injury because they can't be bothered playing. No pride just greed. One or two of these overpaid wasters are still on Notts books and their contracts will need to be paid up before they can be shown the door.
  15. Phil, I think it’s a classic case of “beggars can't be choosers”