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  1. I lived on Russell Rd Forest Fields 1961-72 and that had an outside toilet which was rarely used because there was an inside one too. My first wife however lived on Exeter Rd and their only toilet was outside. They also had a plumbed in bath in the kitchen.
  2. Jill, My dad always splashed on the Old Spice at Christmas. Certainly one of those aromas that takes me back. Avon's Blue Blazer and Occur do the same for me. Put on the right music and perfume/aftershave, close your eyes and it's the nearest thing you'll get to a time machine.
  3. Weren't Forest hit with a transfer embargo back in 2014 because they contravened FFP rules?
  4. One Saturday in August 1960 for my 10th birthday my mum and dad took me into town to choose a present. We spent several hours looking around the big Co-Op on Parliament St, followed by Beecrofts (Pelham St) and Skills before finishing up in Redmayne & Todd on Carrington St where I chose a pogo stick. It took me several days to master it, getting the insides of my knees very bruised in the process but thereafter I never looked back. Nearly all my friends who had a go struggled to stay on it but I became quite an expert and could climb stairs and jump over things. It all came to an end
  5. Brilliant memorial to the 97 fans who went off to see a football match and never came home. Well done Forest
  6. Margie, I knew an auburn haired girl called Stella Berridge who lived in The Meadows around 1966/7. She went to Roland Green School across the Toll Bridge in Wilford where my first job on leaving school was based.
  7. By that measure shouldn't Notts be in League 1?
  8. Time for my end of season predictions which are generally wrong but they make good talking points. I've supported Notts for over 60 years through good and bad (mainly bad sorry to say). Happily my dad, uncle and grandfather enjoyed some great times following the Magpies and never saw them out the league. I just hope Notts can return to the Football League before I expire. I think Notts might do it this season via the playoffs but I would say that wouldn't I? I believe Forest have a bright future under Steve Cooper but are going to have to wait another season for lift off. I thin
  9. My dad took me to that game. I've just looked it up and it was played on Saturday Jan 2nd 1960. The attendance was just under 16000. The 1959/60 season was my first experience of Notts as a 9 year old. Notts had been relegated to the new division 4 the previous season and bounced straight back into div 3 as runners up to Walsall. Tony Hateley made his debut for Notts in March that year.
  10. As a Notts County fan I genuinely wish Forest the best of luck against Liverpool in the cup. Liverpool will be their sternest test to date but at home Forest are certainly formidable opposition as Arsenal and Leicester found out so it could happen. Is there history between Forest and Liverpool because I don't understand the need to badmouth them in the manner you've chosen?
  11. My mum always put sugar and orange juice on our pancakes too. My wife and her mum used to always comment how strange it was and insisted it had to be lemon juice leading on to arguments about the properties of citrus fruits, limonene, citric acid etc. BTW I was a professional food/flavour chemist before I retired so I do have a pretty good insight. I bet they're nice with lime juice too but I've yet to try it.
  12. Is it me or are ITV just determined to ensure that Ant and bleddy Dec are on TV every Saturday night of the year? Yes I know I can turn them off or leave the room and often do but their domination of ITV annoys the hell out of me. They're touted as the modern equivalent of Morecambe and Wise and win TV awards every year but sorry to say I don't get it. I expected at least one of them to turn up as a performer in the Masked Singer. The audiences on ITV's Saturday Night Shows all seem to to be on something. I wish I could get as excited as them watching such dross. Probabl
  13. Back in the late 50s as a 9 year old my friend and I used to attend Lifeboys at The Albert Hall. It was an early evening midweek meet up and we used the bus to and from Beechdale. When we came out the fog had descended and the buses had stopped running so we walked up Derby Rd and down Ilkeston Rd but not before we lost our 4d in a phone box by pressing button B too soon! It was quite an adventure for us youngsters which only got better when we bought some chips to share from a chippy on Ilkeston Rd with the last of our money. Shortly afterwards the visibility improved and my pal's dad came al
  14. They're not detachable you know Jill, well mines not, besides I think the neighbours would complain.
  15. Only with button up flies Beekay. Zip flies can be disastrous when you've no kecks on. Every man deserves a well aired scrotum.