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  1. DJ360, the Co-Op bakery bombed in WWII was on Meadow Lane. It's discussed on this forum if you search Co-op Bakery Bombing
  2. My Uncle William Thomas Whyley (1920-2006) worked for P P Payne for many years. I believe he joined them when he was demobbed in 1945. He was in The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and fought at the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy. He was a lifelong Notts County supporter as was his father also William Thomas. BTW the smell of the baking bread from the old Turners (Sunblest) bakery was always delicious.
  3. Agree with you 100% re the harmonica Oz. Remember the 3 Monarchs who were often on the box and Arthur Tolcher who used to try and gatecrash the end of the Morecambe and Wise show. Larry Adler was outstanding and vastly underrated. Paul Jones plays a mean blues harp too.
  4. Bit of a late response sorry katyjay. I was a very hyperactive kid and my dad regularly said I must have St Vitus Dance lol He also used to refer to Dobby itch. I googled it and I'm pleased to say I've never had it. My mum used to tell me about kids with purple heads which I believe was gentian violet applied to shaven heads to cure ringworm
  5. The old predecimal silver coins converted to decimal in a relatively easy way as mary1947 says which is why they were left in circulation. The new copper coins didn't convert as easily. To be precise the new penny was worth 2.4 old pennies making the new 2p equivalent to 4.8d and the new half penny worth 1.2d. benjamin1945 wrote yesterday that people were always trying to compare the new with the old and got confused. £ s d should have just been forgotten and all would have been well he said. I'm sorry but I have to disagree. The rounding up that went on was clearly exposed if y
  6. Just checked and it would seem the old half crown was withdrawn in 1969. The 50 pence piece was introduced shortly afterwards ready for D day. The brown ten bob note lasted until 1970. Prior to decimalisation lots of people started to hang on to the old coins as mementos. The best ones to put aside were those dated before 1920 which were 95% silver. “Silver” coins dated between 1920 and 1947 were 50% silver. I remember getting a 1939 two bob (florin) in my change as late as 1977. Bank tellers used to look out for coins with a silver content and swap them over for post 1947 coins. A nice l
  7. I was on day release at Trent from Boots QA Labs D10 Beeston on D day. That evening we paid our usual trip over to The Peach Tree ( now Lily Langtree's) for a tea time pint and sandwich and all the prices were in the new money although the old sixpences, shillings and two bobs were still in circulation. I can't remember if the old half crowns were still legal tender but the 10 Bob note was. The new 50p didn't come along for another year IIRC. Lots of the new prices had the odd half new pence included but that didn't last long before shops started rounding prices up. I still believe decimalisat
  8. I would guess this map dates to around 1959 because you can see the section of The Nottingham Canal that ran alongside Charlbury Rd is filled in. IIRC this occurred around this time plus I can see no sign of Peveril School on Robins Wood Rd. I think this school was completed about 1958.
  9. IMHO the problem with gambling is that it's just as addictive and damaging as smoking and alcohol. Smoking is thankfully in decline and as a result the government is receiving much less duty from tobacco than it did say twenty years ago. Faced with this shortfall the labour government cynically decided to promote drinking with longer opening hours so it could replace the lost tobacco duty with increased alcohol duty then finally they let gambling take off by allowing a huge surge in betting shops and online gambling happy to collect the duty with scant regard for the human misery it inflicts.
  10. A man and wife couple I worked with a few years back went metal detecting in their free time and unearthed a mint condition gold “angel” coin from the time of Richard III. Thing is it was found near Nasby and could have been dropped by the man himself. IIRC it sold for a then record price of £14K at Sotheby’s.
  11. The snow has all gone here in Daventry and I saw a video of the ground staff clearing the Meadow Lane pitch yesterday so this evening's game can go ahead. A great effort indeed, well done all. Just a bit miffed however to read this morning that the National League will be voting soon on whether to continue with the season because so many clubs are in financial difficulties. Notts are so lucky to have the Reedtz brothers in charge. They have brought financial stability to NCFC no doubt helped by their very wealthy dad. With these guys at the helm I've no doubt Notts will eventually climb b
  12. Beekay and Denshaw got me salivating with their mention of egg and chips with HP sauce. Two or three Pork Farms sausages round it off if you’re really hungry. I read somewhere that George Harrison was a big fan of egg and chips and used to get frustrated when The Beatles became famous and posh hotels and restaurants didn't have it on the menu. That's why I love The Beatles they never forgot where they came from. Ringo said he had to pinch himself many times because he couldn't believe how famous and wealthy four sh1t kickers from Liverpool had become.
  13. Just remembered we also had Bernard Bresslaw's comedy record “Mad Passionate Love” in our family record collection during the 50s and 60s. The B side was a song called “You need Feet” a parody of Max Bygrave's hit “You need Hands” Bernard Bresslaw sprang to fame in The Army Game followed by the Carry On films. The Army Game was a very successful ITV show and featured many well known actors such as William Hartnell, Alfie Bass, Bill Fraser, Norman Rossington and Dick Emery.
  14. Don't dig there Dig it elsewhere You're digging it round And it ought to be square The shape of it's wrong It's much too long And you can't put hole Where a hole don't belong
  15. I love Bernard Cribbins. My dad was called Fred so “Right said Fred” was very popular in our house in the 60s. I used to love him in the TV ad for Hornby trains too. BTW did you know that Gossip Calypso was written by Trevor Peacock? Trevor is probably better known as Jim (no,no,no) Trott in The Vicar of Dibley. He also wrote “Mrs Brown you've got a Lovely Daughter” for Herman’s Hermits. Check out his Wiki entry and you'll see he wrote a lot of stuff in the early 60s before turning to acting. Sadly he's now in a nursing home with a