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  1. We're on a roll. COYP
  2. A few years back I bought a Notts County programme for Notts v Forest at Meadow Lane dated 22nd April 1950. I got it off a trader in West End Arcade for £15. The record books show that Notts won the game 2-0 with Lawton and Sewell scoring. The attendance was 46000 with Notts completing the double over Forest that season having beaten Forest 2-1 at the City Ground earlier in December 1949 with 38000 watching. In that game Lawton & Broome scored for Notts. That season (1949/50) Notts were promoted as Champions of Div 3 (South) whilst Forest finished 4th. They were promoted the following season. Halcyon days for Nottingham football especially Notts supporters. Just goes to show how badly things have gone wrong at Meadow Lane of late.
  3. At the other end of the scale Peter Brough with Archie Andrews was the worst yet he was extremely successful on the radio where his vent skills were irrelevant.
  4. Gottle of geer. Fly2 you're quite right that technically Arthur Worsley was an outstanding vent but it was Nottinghamian Neville King who made me laugh most.
  5. Very interesting thoughts Deepdene Boy. You're so right about how the style of play changes through the leagues. A few seasons back when Notts were relegated from L1 to L2 I noticed how much more physical the games became. I really can’t see Enzio or Vaughan doing any good at all in non league. I believe Vaughan is out of contract anyway. It would seem that to succeed in the lower leagues you need huge strong players who can take it as well as dish it out. The best example I saw this season was when Newport came to Meadow Lane. They were huge and battered Notts. Jamille Matt was outstanding. Stags take note for the playoffs Newport are no pushover and if Mr Flitcroft thinks passing football will get Mansfield to Wembley he's in for a surprise. BTW I bet Michael O'Connor is pleased he chose Lincoln over Notts and what about Derby's rising star Mason Bennett? He looked an excellent prospect when he came to Notts on loan but he only managed one game before his hamstring injury meant he had to return to The Rams.
  6. I think bringing in highly paid players like Dennis, Hemmings, Enzio and later Vaughan didn’t go down too well with the other members of the squad especially when, with the possible exception of Hemings they didn't perform on so many occasions. It happens so often in football these days. Some of these highly paid prima donnas secure a lucrative contract then couldn’t care less.They still get their obscene salaries no matter what. Some even feign injury because they can't be bothered playing. No pride just greed. One or two of these overpaid wasters are still on Notts books and their contracts will need to be paid up before they can be shown the door.
  7. Phil, I think it’s a classic case of “beggars can't be choosers”
  8. NEP saying that a South African consortium have just completed due diligence. The price will depend on which league Notts are playing in next season. I've just checked the table and next week if Macclesfield v Cambridge ends 0-0 and Notts win 9-0 at Swindon then Notts will stay up on goal difference. Now that’s what you call optimism.
  9. I think that Notts are well capable of winning at Swindon next week but if Macclesfield don't lose to Cambridge then we're down and out the league. The sad thing is I can think of several occasions this season where Notts have thrown away precious points that would have seen us safe by now. Here's hoping that next season the new owners will give us something to cheer. I have heard many pessimists say that if Notts go out the league it will take several seasons to get back. I have to disagree because I think the momentum that the new owners will bring will make a massive difference.
  10. Hi FLY2, What years were you at FFGS? I was there 1961-6 and lived on Russell Rd. I was in a band in 1965/6 and we used to practice in the hall under High Church St. Methodist church. Happy days.
  11. In the early 60s my school friend and I would climb over the wall and explore the abandoned station. Trains still ran through and it was a bit spooky when they rumbled out the tunnels. My pal used to say the house above the Sherwood Rise portal was haunted. It would certainly have shook at bit when trains were running underneath. We got a good telling off and had our names and addresses taken by a policeman who caught us one day.
  12. OK, OK it would seem we will have to beat Grimsby as well to get the 49 points I predicted. Unlikely I know but the fat lady isn't quite singing yet although she's certainly warming up lol
  13. Recent away form would suggest Notts could win all their last three away games. I also think they can beat MK Dons because they (MK) will be playing to win. Against Grimsby we'll do well to get a draw. Lower half teams usually have gigantic defenders who Notts struggle to get past. So I reckon Notts will finish on 49 points which will see them safe by one point. I don't expect Yeovil to pick up more than two points so I think they're gone. Sol Campbell's Macclesfield are doing well but I think they're going to run out of steam. Call me an optimist if you like but after following Notts for nearly 60 years you have to be. COYP.
  14. Saturday's performance couldn't have come at a better time. I could hardly believe it when I looked at the score 1 minute into the game to see the mighty Pies were one up and it just got better and better. It's so ironic how Notts home form has been their Achilles heel when last season we rarely lost. This season it could be that away wins like yesterday will keep us in the league. It's the bottom half teams at Meadow Lane who we have struggled against. They have huge defenders who just close it down looking for a point and Notts can't break through. I wouldn't be surprised to see Notts winning their last three away games at Crewe, Crawley and Swindon and still struggle at home although I don't expect MK Dons to park the bus when they come to Meadow Lane.
  15. I've been really enjoying reading my newly procured copy of The Football Post from Saturday February 2nd 1952. It's started to bring to life the stories my dad used to tell me about the Lawton era as we walked down Arkwright St to Meadow Lane in the late 50's and early 60s. I was born in 1950 and dad took me to my first Notts game in November 1959. The 59/60 season was Notts first in the newly created Div 4 and they'd arrived there after two successive relegations from Div 2. They were promoted back into Div 3 that season and Tony Hateley made his first team debut. Notts didn't return to the second tier until the early 70s with the great Jimmy Sirrel at the helm. Supporting Notts is in my family's genes. My mother's grandfather, born in 1871 watched them at Trent Bridge and her father and brother were also lifelong fans. My dad born in 1915 remembers seeing the great Albert Iremonger playing in goal for Notts in 1926. He used to tell me tales of Lawton's arrival at Notts and the huge crowds that turned up to see him and the extraordinary goal scoring partnership he forged with Jackie Sewell. He told me about Eric Houghton's thunderous shot and how Notts supporters and Lawton himself were dismayed when Sewell was transferred to Sheffield Wednesday bringing to an end Notts dream of returning to the first division.He also used to say how in 1955 the death of club captain Leon Leuty from leukemia aged 35 cast a cloud over Meadow Lane and accelerated Notts demise The story he told that I loved most was about Lawton's goal against Forest at The City Ground in December 1949. Headlined in The Daily Express as "Lawton's Leap" here's how reporter Crawford Wright described it: "From a corner Broome placed a high dropping centre rather farther from goal than usual. No greyhound ever left a trap quicker as he (Lawton) darted in to take his chance. He made a spectacular leap, timed the flight of the ball uncannily and nodded his head. The next thing the crowd saw was the ball hurtling past the Forest goalkeeper. Even dyed in the wool Forest fans had to applaud this piece of soccer sorcery". A few other snippets from The Football Post of Feb 1952. Derby were the only local club in Div 1. In February they were mid table. Manchester United were top and later champions. Leicester and Forest were 3rd and 4th respectively in Div 2 but neither were promoted that season. Lincoln were top of Div 3 (North) and stayed there to be promoted as champions that season. In summary then I have to remind myself that, that was then and this is now and on Saturday Notts have another vitally important game at home to Exeter. I just hope that all those great names I've mentioned who are no longer with us will also be cheering us on to safety in the Football League. COYP