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  1. IIRC NCT had some buses with seats like this too. I think they may have been trolleys. Presumably there were some low bridge routes around the city. Any bus enthusiasts able to confirm?
  2. I have a vague recollection of being taken to the doctors by my mum in the 1950s and being given a prescription written in Latin. I think back then pharmacists were also versed in Latin so all was well although the long standing joke about being unable to decipher a doctor’s handwriting must have been compounded. For the record our GP back then was a Scottish lady doctor called Dr Kerr who had a surgery on Western Boulevard. She later moved on to be replaced by another lady doctor called Dr Grattidge.
  3. Returning to the Christmas theme for a moment. My dear wife was putting up a few decos last week and we were reminiscing about Christmas past. In the mid 1950s we had some odd Christmas decorations that we hung on the tree. They consisted of two sealed glass ampules held together with twisted wire. They were painted with red and green leaves which I think were supposed to be holly. I believe my mum and dad acquired them shortly after setting up home in 1946 when following the war a lot of things were in short supply. I've seen some on the internet but it would seem they're quite scar
  4. My dad regularly had pork pie for breakfast at Christmas when I was a youngster in the 1950s and 60s. Back then I wasn't a fan but as I've aged I'm quite partial to it. My late father in law who was from Leamington got me into it with his liking for Saxby's offering. I believe they sadly ceased trading in 2017. I sometimes make do with the Dickinson & Morris one from Waitrose now I'm down in Dorset although last year I tried one from Crow Farm in the New Forest and was quite impressed although it was a little pricey. I think HP sauce (another Nottingham creation) is the perfect a
  5. Yes Margie that's my understanding too. My mum used it as a verb. She would say don't clart that all around the table if I was using glue for example.
  6. My Uncle Bill Whyley (1920-2006) told me about the legless match seller who sat in the recess in St Barnabas cathedral wall selling matches. I did a bit of research and found this on Flickr: I am not sure when exactly this was taken. However, the man sitting on the pavement in the foreground may help to date it. The man is likely to be Gilbert Brown a matchseller whose legs were amputated when he was 20 years old. According to older people that I knew he used to sit at that spot six days a week. I also recall letters in the Nottingham Evening Post in the 1990's about thi
  7. My first job after leaving school in October 1966 was as Laboratory Technician at Roland Green School in Wilford. I would catch the 43 into town from Radford Rd then walk across the square to catch the No 40 out to Wilford. The trolleys had all been retired by Autumn 1966. Occasionally the 40 was stopped at the traffic lights at the end of South Parade and I would hop on the open platform of the old motor bus. At the Wilford Bridge terminus I would walk over the toll bridge. IIRC the pedestrian toll was 1d but I never paid it and was never asked to. I remember the little white toll b
  8. Letsavagoo, My dad (1915-2004) attended Stanley Rd Junior Boys until around 1926 when he passed the Nottingham High School entrance examination. Sadly his parents were unable to afford his uniform so he attended High Pavement instead. He told me about the swimming pool under the school but little else. I know HP was mixed in it's early years and there was a girls entrance on the left as you look at the school but I until I read your post I always thought it was all boys when my dad attended. I also attended Forest Fields Grammar 1961-66 by which time the subterranean swimming po
  9. Launched in 1958 retired in 1968.
  10. Back in the late 50s Quality St used to have a malt toffee which I loved. One of my fondest memories of Christmas is with my cousins on Perry Rd in about 1959 when we munched our way through a tin of Cadbury’s Lucky Numbers. Who remembers them?
  11. No need for apologies Mary1947 it's just such a shame after Coopers outstanding achievements last season that this season looks like being a huge anticlimax. If the owner is still happy to spend then maybe just maybe some judicious signings in January might turn the tide. Lingard had another poor game today I read. I can't respect players who just chase the money. I wonder how much really committed players like Yates earn? Let's hope the next two games bring a few points.
  12. Normal service has been resumed. Sorry Mary1947 but I did think Forest would struggle against a quality side like Arsenal. The harsh reality is that at the moment they are nowhere near good enough. It's men against boys at the Emirates this afternoon with Forest looking like rabbits in the headlights as the Gunners sweep them aside. Bleddy shame Lodi had to nobble Saka as Forest desperately tried to get back into the game. Last weeks win against Liverpool was sadly, a false dawn. There's something amiss with Liverpool at the moment. Kloop looked very rattled aft
  13. A draw for Forest tomorrow would be an outstanding result for them. I personally think that Arsenal will win easily but I never cease to be surprised by Steve Cooper's Forest. Notts are on an excellent run at the moment but Wrexham are hot on their heels. It's not far off a two horse race although Southend might yet come good and Notts have to go there a week on Tuesday. I don't think Clough junior will get Mansfield up this season. They are far too inconsistent. I do wonder if the Radfords will stick with him for much longer.
  14. I remember the 1/3 pint orange drink. I don't think it was a farthing though. More like 3d. It also came in pint bottles. IIRC it had a green foil top. In the mid 1950s a farthing would buy you one blackjack or one fruit salad