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  1. I saw a bloke do it once when a patrolling copper caught him peeing in the Market Square late one Saturday night back in the swinging sixties.
  2. The Forest was my playground in the early sixties when I moved to Russell Rd from Beechdale. The hard standing was great for bombing round on your bike. The grass was great for football and cricket using the wall buttresses as a wicket. The “cowshed” for meeting girls and sneaking a fag. The scouts bonfire well before that abomination that the council set up on Nov 5th where the surrounding area is gridlocked. The conker trees where I was always too late for the best ones. Goose Fair and the “untouchable” Manning girls and my favourite The Camels Hump where in winter the best sledging in the area was to be had. During the Winter of 1963 that sledge run was solid ice and kids used it well into the evening. My dad was always down there in the summer watching the cricket which he loved. Happy Days.
  3. I remember Ian Storey- Moore’s Bookies shop in Bingham. Now he was a winger.
  4. Wignall's ? Methinks you're a Forest or Stags fan Boris. Frank Wignall was an old fashioned centre forward much loved in Nottingham in the 60s. Even I, a staunch Notts County fan couldn't help but admire him.
  5. Yes, I think it was a takeaway and the guy sold the burgers through a hatch. There may have been a few tables inside but I'm not sure.
  6. On reflection the Wimpy might have been in the mock Tudor building a little bit further down Arkwright St. It was definitely mid 60s because I was in my final year at school and three or four of us used to come down to Trent Bridge on the 43 trolley bus on a Friday afternoon for games which consisted of rowing up and down the Trent. In 1968 I joined Boots and used to play snooker in the social club which was upstairs in that mock Tudor building. The Wimpy had gone by then I think but the tobacconists was there into the 70s. TBI do you remember the tobacconists I'm referring to?
  7. IIRC The Wimpy Bar at Trent Bridge used to be in the building now occupied by Topknot. This was about 1965,-1.1381352,3a,35.9y,260.98h,92.66t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1shJD4L7G8c_ZWBLXhwn52OQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en Next door was a tobacconists that used to have a fascinating window display of some very exotic brands like Chesterfield, Passing Clouds and Camel.
  8. The Americans pretty much invented marketing and everyone else has since followed suit. Their in your face style is just too intense for me. I worked for Mars for eight years and it was full on and quite draining. They never say never and won't take no for an answer. Sometimes it works and breakthroughs happen but a lot of the time you're working with ignorant and arrogant people who think they can change the laws of science. Now who does thar remind you of? It's a very frustrating environment to work in. The UK model is so much more reasonable but there are many who think the US does it best and we should sign up to their methods. I can't agree. It's a huge mistake to treat the public as fools. They'll soon remind you who's really calling the shots. Are you listening Donald?
  9. Back in the mid 60s there was a Wimpy Bar close to the 43/45 Trolley Bus terminus at Trent Bridge. Contrary to popular opinion you can't make a decent hamburger with a high meat content using rubbish meat it will just fall apart. I worked for a company that supplied beef to the McDonalds burger factory in MK and their QC was pretty damn stringent. Wimpy and McDonalds use good quality meat and the burgers are delicious. There are lots of foodies who are always dissing McDonalds but you simply don't get to be as successful as them by selling rubbish.
  10. Still capable of giving Forest's defence the runaround.
  11. I knew two Mee family’s. One lived on Elstree Drive in the 1950s. The other one lived on Laurie Avenue Forest Fields in the 50s and 60s. I was friends with the son Brian. His elder sister Sylvia attended Forest Fields Grammar School.
  12. Forest Fields Grammar School used Albert Hall for their Speech Nights too. I sat at the side of the organ on a few occasions.
  13. I remember going to quite a posh restaurant in The Strathdon Hotel in the early 70s. I think you used a lift to access it.
  14. In my post from Nov 2012 I recount how my dad used to take the family for Saturday lunch in the early 60s. I too remember the decline of the restaurant and the balcony becoming cluttered with stored packaging. It was quite sad having enjoyed it so much as a 10 year old. I also remember taking my kids up there in the 70s when IIRC the toy dept was relocated and having a sneaky look behind the swing doors into the disused kitchens. BTW when I first got married in 1973 our reception was in a side room. I have a vague recollection my future father in law may even have got a huge ribbon of Co-Op stamps when he paid. Who remembers those dispensers by the tills where the cashier would press numbered buttons and the stamps would spew out?
  15. My mum made me wear one as a 5/6 year old for school in the winter. I remember the rubber buttons well. She also knitted me a navy blue balaclava. I looked a bit of a pillock but my ears were nice and warm.