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  1. Jazzy

    Do you remember me Nigel & Chris who played guitar in the school group?

    1. Mess


      Hi Nigel,

      Great to hear from you.

      I certainly remember you and Chris from my time at Roland Green. Great times with Mick Coombes and his fuzz box and rehearsing in your dad's pub The Locomotive

      I think I've seen Chris posting on FB. Looked like he was still enjoying himself in a band.

      Do you still play? I still have several guitars and enjoy myself at home although my playing is still quite basic lol. Would you believe I bought an Epiphone SG for £40 yesterday at a car boot? Few dings but still a bargain.

      The last time I saw you was in Nottingham many years ago. You were driving a very nice yellow Jensen sports car which you bought with some money you'd won. I was very envious lol.

      I see you're based in Thailand now. 
      It would be great to hear what you've been up to all these years


      Ian Cresswell

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