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  1. Hey,, That's me - back right ... "Arnold Hill School Lower Tennis Courts" By the way.... Happy days..
  2. Hi, I used to marshal & help hand out the sk8's etc etc ... went all over the place in a big white van- also used to do Red hill leisure centre.. Was run by Kevin & Mark Brook's ( Mark was the one who was into Body Building), He unfortunately Died earlier this year, not very old. Unbeknown to me at the time but I actually met my future wife at the Carlton Disco.. The song "Walking on Sunshine" is now playing in my head------- Thanks
  3. Just re posting as not using Photobucket: Just to add a couple of pictures from 1956, A day trip to London Organised for the Allen & Solly Workers
  4. If image does not show please remove post , thanks seems to work, so can remove thanks
  5. It looks like the whole site is turned off at the moment , so will probably appear again later .....
  6. I thought I'd jump in with a post about Allen & Sollys & the people who worked there , I have set up a Facebook Group with a few photo's from the 50s -60s if anyone is interested or wants to post comment, or identify anyone.. Thanks Or just search Allen and Solly in Arnold Nottingham
  7. Yep, A lot of houses going to be built on the Boots site, More land sold off to the developers... just the start of it really,, Thane Road is going to run right round the back of the site - leading out on to the main road exit at Beeston end.. though Thane road is predictably not going to be able to take all the Vehicle traffic trying to cut through to Beeston from the flyover island that already gets congested when 3000 Boots employees try to leave work ,, but no one cares about that bit ... Also.. Sadly Boots is no longer Boots, tis just a name above the door of your local shop,, its now
  8. Just to add a couple of pictures from 1956, A day trip to London Organised for the Allen & Solly Workers
  9. Similar story,,, I proposed to my Girlfriend after a meal in there in 1984 & were still together now, It was a great place to eat,, I still crave a "Tornedos Rossini " to this day.... vegitarians turn away now !!!!
  10. In reply to a post on the first page of this Topic regarding "Rex's" opposite the "white Heart pub" here's a photo of Rex in his Barbers Chair in 1954, Taken by my late Father. Rex is still alive and kicking at the time of this post, He attended my Mums Funeral in February of this year..
  11. & her picture can be found here.... datet 1980
  12. Hi, Your Spot on with the arrow, I used to work at Derry & Sons Printers - to the right of the arrow, they used to share an alley that went right to the back of the British Waterways Building on the Canal Side , I will have a look through my old photo's to see if theres anything of Challands amongst them. I remember calling out the RSPCA to help release loads of Pidgeons that had got in through the broken windows of the abandoned place & couldn't get out..
  13. Here you go Froggy, Have a Happy Memory on me, or should I say my dad !! Norbett Road Arnold in the 50's
  14. Wow, I didn't know the site had an age restriction. I'd better watch my spelling & punctuation before the Grammar Police arrest me & throw the key away. Sticks & Stones may break my bones but an Emoticon will never offend me. (just my opinion, not sure about trying to influence the other 2400 members) ( Emoticon to be inserted here at a later date, when I've found one applicable)
  15. Will this do Owdtite its in a photobucket set so just use the link anytime you want