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  1. Hay. anyone go to William Sharp around 75 77?
  2. I would love to talk to any one who lived around the Bilbogough estate in the 70's. Remember the COOP and the pubs. Like the Gondla or the Baloon. The Hemlock stone? !cheers!
  3. Hi. I lived at 7 Burnside rd Bilbough estate from 63 to 73 then 85 Graylands rd Bilbough 73 to 77. Then moved to Devon. My Father Frank worked in the mines as did my brother Terry. I went to Portland junior school then William Sharp before moving. I was good friends with the Askham famaly.
  4. G'day mate. I lived in Westward Ho! and worked in Biddiford and Exiter as well as Barnstable. We uesed to go down to Bude as well. I would love to go back and the pubs!
  5. Same here...Lighter fluid in small brown rubber "bulbs"..tear off the end and squeese in to the lighter..Used to go to the corner shop and get dads Players for him..and I was 8 at the time!
  6. Ummm Hi every one..I am happy to be here

  7. Yep...That's Adelaide mate...Stll the same But we are the murder capital of australia!. Snow Town just up the road they found 7 bodys in barrles in a bank volt!..sorry about the spelling i have dislexsia
  8. Well..I'll go to the foot of our stairs!..I live just over the Birken head bridge! Largs north. The Port has changed a bit. Lots of town houses and fancy shops..Brighton is still Brighton though..But you should see Glenelg! and the tram gos all the way to the West End brewery now. Good to here from you mate.
  9. In South Australia we get days of over 45 deg. And weeks in the 40+ . One good thing is you can stop work when it gets to 38 deg..then we go to the pub!
  10. G'day Cobber. Tony here in Australia. It.s flaming hot and dry as a dead dingos donger!..That aside I would like to say Hi to Nottingham. I moved away in 77 to live in Devon. Then onward to Oz. I would love to talk to any one about the old days. And meet new friends. On ya. Tony