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  1. Dave     Did you go to Whitemoor school of Ellis ?   

    1. DaveN


      I didn't go to Ellis Bigfish.

    2. Bigfish


      Or Whitemoore school ??

  2. Hi Bigfish  I was born and lived in Ekowe st New Basford  untill i was 18 and went to Ellis School.  

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      Yes i have a class photograph taken at Whitemoor school on our speech day night of my class. and i have a copy of the programme. Can you let me have your email address and i will send you the photograph as there is a file size limit on this website. 

    3. Bigfish


      Received the copies OK thanks very much they will be good to study to see if I can recognize anyone.


    4. Bigfish
  3. Did you live near Isandula Road New basford at all ?

    1. benjamin1945


      No mate. Grew up on bestwood estate, 

  4. I wonder if you have any class photos of the 50s and 60s at Ellis boys school

    1. FLY2


      Sorry Bigfish, I didn't attend Ellis, I went to FFGS.

    2. Bigfish
  5. Have you any old school class photos from the 50s to the 60s when it was a boys only school ?

  6. I wonder if anyone has any old class photos of the 50s to the 60s when it was a boys only school ?
  7. What a great shame that the Nottingham bygones newspaper is ending with it's last newspaper in October of this year, it has been great to read the stories that bring back so many great memories of the great days of our times in Nottingham. it will be sadly missed by so many people all over the world and we have to Thanks the editor Andy Smart for all the hard work he has put into this newspaper.

    What are we going to do to get to hear about old times in Nottingham like we used to in the Nottingham Bygones ?


    1. Commo


      I echo your comments. Over the years I have had the odd copy given to me by my brother and have the Bygones books, so for my birthday my brother gave me an annual subscription. The first edition I received in August told me that the September edition would be the last!! Apparently we all want newspapers on line today!!!! This ignores totally the way that Bygones was thought of, at least by me, as a publication to be saved and referred back to for reference and enjoyment. They can stick their on line offering where the Sun don't shine as far as I am concerned!!


    2. Commo


      Erratum: first edition received in SEPTEMBER advised last one would be OCTOBER.

    3. Bigfish


      I feel the same way with regards to the Bygones newspaper it is a great way of reading story's of the great times in Nottingham and as I live in Australia it has been a great help in bringing back memories of great times of my youth, sadly all that is lost and who wants to read the newspaper on line ? not me.

      at least I managed to get my last story in the October Bygones .


  8. I saw that you mentioned Basford wakes that was on the car park of the shoulder of mutton ( great pub great days, I lived on Isandula road

  9. I went to Whitemoor school and I have phots of the teachers and three class photos

    1. Bigfish


      I saw you went to Whitemoor school and you mentioned you have photos any chance of seeing them if they are from the 1950s and 1960s ?

  10. Dave I am in the whitemoor school photo

  11. I only have Whitemoor school class photos as I am looking for Ellis school photos from the 50s

  12. I saw you went to Ellis school and the names of the teachers brought back memories have you any school photos from that time ?

    R Fisher

  13. There are lots of us out there that went to the same school and class as Shippo
  14. I saw that you went to Whitemoor school and I remember Shippo too as we knew him, are you in this photo ?5987bd3bb7211_Whitemoorschool19535.jpg.052cd561bd8cee30a1644ae63507c7c6.jpg

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    2. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      What sort of school was Whitemoor? Primary? My cousins lived in Hayling Drive and the youngest certainly went to Whitemoor Nursery School.

    3. DaveN


      It was an infant & Junior School. I can't remember a nursery being there but there could have been. 

    4. Bigfish


      Hi Dave I am in this Photo as I have the same one at home I am in the second row from the back 4th from the right and I know a few of the others too.and I have a few more whitemoor school photos too

      my e mail address is

  15. I saw hat you mentioned Brooks scrap yard I remember a lad in our class named Tony Brooks and he was a member of the same family Ellis school, I am looking for Ellis school class photos if you know any that might have any

    1. Bigfish


      My e mail address is