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  1. Does any one remember a Company, A.H.Garner Limited, Castle Meadow Road ( where the IR offices are now ) Any old employees?
  2. I had two aunts who lived on Birkland Avenue, off Sherwood Street. It must have been in the early fifties as I was around seven at the time. These aunts did not possess a radio. My father had a spare set and we went round to connect it all up for them. Father plugs the set in, throws the switch and the set explodes in a show of sparks and smoke! He'd forgotten that at home we were on AC whereas our aunt's house was on DC. This was my first introduction to the delights of electrikery.
  3. A brand new blue MGB Roadster at around £850, a house for £3500...and a wife! ( note the priority )
  4. I was educated at the Bluecoat school, which in those days, was situated on Mansfield road. When we were in the 4th & 5th form, which would be the mid 50's, we often used to rush down to the Vic ( as we called it )at lunchtime for a jive etc. I think we had around 90 minutes lunch break so were able to get in a good hour's dancing. I never went in the evenings. We also used to frequent the coffee bars but this was frowned upon as we could be " spotted " and reported to our headmaster ( F.W.V. Taylor - " The Boss " and although terrified of him at the time, now remembered with affection.
  5. I lived at Bunny and remember the bus numbers as 60 and 66, not 65.
  6. Found it! A 1914 Humber 14hp so confirming, together with the Standard, that the advert. was from around this time.
  7. No. Closer to 1916 or even a little earlier. The top model is a Standard Rhyl, circa 1913/14, the bottom a Humber but not sure of the model. Thanks for the info on RB's directorship with Atkey's. I hadn't realised they had these agencies in their early days. I have always associated them with Austins
  8. I lived on Kelvin Road, Thorneywood as a child and well remember what we called Donkey Hill. It seemed VERY steep then. Used to play around the Holly Gardens area where there was a pickle factory. Also in the brick yard opposite Radstock Road where there were ponds with newts in and very long grass where we played cowboys & Indians. The plains at the top and the " cliff " down into the brickyard which we used to slide down in a variety of conveyances - a cast iron bath once! As well as the hill there were lots of other hilly road in the area which were great for sledging, albeit dangerous
  9. Thanks for the confirmation. I have the 1930 edition of the Motor Trades Directory which gives Sam Ward's at the address.
  10. Many thanks. Sorry about the typo!. Good point about a trade licence. Am not qualified to comment about the different types in those days. Sadly Fred Browne did not make into it adult life. There were two further brothers and two further sisters making a total of seven offspring.
  11. Yes, understood. I included the rest as an educational aid to those who are not familiar with local suffixes - especially as we are now into a whole new format of registrations numbers.
  12. The Register covers City & County. The Fiat in question has an AU registration Additionally: RR, VO, & NN are County, TO & TV are City.
  13. Thanks. Sorry about the wrong titles! I can just about remember Ward's Garage there. Finally researched Ross Browne. Ross was a forename, with Michael. Born 1995, originally a Yarn Agent. Married a widow in 1895 but divorced her in 1903. Not certain when he became a motor agent but died in 1928. Lived his whole life in Nottingham but why was he not listed in the Register I mentioned above?
  14. Thanks to both Giga Notts. & Super Notts. I had quite forgotten Ward's Garage and agree it would be about the only suitable place in Trinity Square. Thanks for the photo. Unfortunately there is no more info. on the plaque to pinpoint the garage. Ross Browne appears not to have lived in Nottinghamshire as he is not listed in Nottinghamshire Register of Motor Cars for 1903, which incidentally shows a total of 125 persons holding licences at that time.
  15. Many thanks Littlebro. Most interesting. My post relates to a newly found 1913 Fiat which retains the supplier's plaque ( Ross Browne etc ) on the dash. Ross Browne himself seems to evade research! Cliff Ton: Thanks. I bought my first MGB from them in 1969! They were friends of my father. I picked up the car, forgot to pay them and after a month they rang " kindly asking whether a cheque might be forthcoming" !!