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  1. Thank you for your condolences. This is Bryan's wife. I was still able to get onto his account. I hope that's okay. Funny what you remember, huh? And what you forget? Bryan (Mudgie 49) fought a 15-year battle with Kidney Cancer that metastasized to other parts of his body (lung, intestine, spine, and brain). Unfortunately, it was the tumor in his lung that ended up taking his life. I was with him when he passed, and he did pass peacefully. And I am glad that his pain and struggle is over. The last 8-9 months had been especially tough, with the last five weeks the worst, as he lost weight, his
  2. After too long of an absence of posting on the site, it is with a heavy and sad heart, I pay tribute to my mate of 55 years. I'm surely going to miss the guy. Derek dropped everything last September and came to Florida to take care of the family while I had surgery to remove a tumor from the right hand side of my brain. Spoke to him the day before he died, planning another get together this October to meet at the newly opened Ace Cafe here in Orlando. Gonna miss you, Derek. Love & Peace, Bryan & Denice
  3. Thank's,nothing has changed in the last 30 years then,exept they seem to be younger. What happened to the 'young offenders' detention centres and Borstal training camps?Those places seemed to be the answer 50+ years ago. Most of the kids I remember being sent to these places, never went back a second time,a few became 'career criminals',and were in and out of prison on a regular basis, some of them thinking they were 'cool',I just saw them as idiots.
  4. Some time ago,I wanted to know what a 'Chav' was,since then I have forgotten. Would a member refresh my memory please.
  5. 'Still waters run Deep' is one of my favorite 'Four Tops' songs.Shows Levi Stubs wonderful vocals,in my humble opinion. 'Motown' did have some terrific song-writers,singers,and musicians ( the Funk Brothers). 'Stax',were a close second.It is impossible for me to choose one 'Motown' song,it would have to be my favorite 'top 10', or 20, songs.
  6. Manders Paints,near Canning circus, Ilkeston road?.there was a trade place opposite Shipstones brewery,down a dirt road,just can't recall the name.
  7. A terrific photo' MargieH. If you do have T shirts printed up,I'll take an extra large.I'd be 'chuffed' to wear one,it certainly would be different. There is no doubt that our old city had the best looking gals.
  8. My dad had a 'demob suit' circa 1946,navy blue pin stripe single breasted jacket,pinched at the waist,with 18 inch strait leg trousers. This style of suit became popular due to the 'Bonnie and Clyde' movie.1967. I wore it to the Beachcomber one night and won an LP,because they were havinging a throw back to the 1930's dress competition,and my mates pushed me on the stage,and me being such a shy creature. I gave the LP to a gal,and I never wore the suit again.The only label was a sqare peice of cotton with the WD and arrow and 42 R in black.
  9. You can't help but 'cheer up',when you listen to some of the great 'Blues' songs FLY2. One of my favorites is the late,great, Etta James,and any of the old 'Chicago Bluesmen'.
  10. It should be a concern that these kids were wandering around London in the early hours. At the same time I read of armed police closing down a street in West Bridgford for 4 hours.The reason was because they were raiding a house where someone had 'pot plants' on the premises. An estimated 20 officers and several police cars were involved.I do not condone growing weed,but was this an over-kill? I would be interested to hear members views on this subject.
  11. As a little kid my mum took me to the Palace cinema on Beeston high street to see Kenneth More in 'Reach for the Sky',the first 'grown up'movie I saw. It was usually a Norman Wisdom movie,very popular at the time,mid to late 50s,and of course the 'Carry On' movies.
  12. I am sorry to hear that some members are going through the trials and tribulations regarding health issues,Denice and I send you our thoughts and prayers,and hope that all goes well and you have a speedy recovery. I had a series of Chryno' injections two weeks ago,to resolve the chronic pain I have had,due to damaged nerves I received during surgery three years ago. The doc'said everything went well,but the area will be sore and inflamed for several weeks.Stay tuned to this channel. I have been coming on to the site,but more as a 'lurker' than a poster. A pleasant phone call from LizzieM y
  13. The cafe that you mention was known as the 'square cafe',that would be around 64-65.It was dingy and smoky,but served a good working mans dinner.,and it had a sliding door into another room,that had the juke-box Never recall it being open in the evenings.
  14. Thank's for the good wishes,I am beginning to see you all as my extended family.In saying that,I don't want you all to visit at the same time:) Dinner last night was b----y terrific,I think I licked the glaze off the plate. Denice says we can manage six at a time,plus two in the back yard hammocks,under the palm trees.BOOK NOW!!!!!
  15. Went into hospital for surgery,Thurs'18th Sept',came home Tues' 23rd. Everything went to plan,removing a smallish tumor that was positive for renal(kidney)cancer. I am shuffling around pretty good,not too much pain or discomfort.My taste buds came back into play this morning,dinner tonight!!!!!Chicken Bhuna,mushroom bhajia,garlic naan,finished off with mango kulfi.I'm on a count down till Denice can go pick it up,3 hours 14 minutes to go. Don't mean to bore you guys with my dinner menu,but to all of you that have survived on hospital food will understand. I wish you all a happy and healt
  16. They could have put a little character to the building.Who has the last word on constructing buildings like this one?
  17. I am sure that I read Canning Circus had a permanent gallows,from the early to late 1700's. Can anyone confirm this.
  18. Welcome to Nottstalgia Jackie,hope you have fun.
  19. Carni,bare with me!what kind of medication did they give you to take home?
  20. Mick Twomey is an ordinary working class Nottingham lad, that came up with a terrific idea,'NOTTSTALGIA'. It has become a worldwide phenomenon,and has brought thousands of people together with a strong bond,we all come from Nottingham. The people of this city have been,hard working,industrious,warm hearted,generous,and always had a great sense of humour. At 2:59,US eastern time,I raise my afternoon cup of tea to you all,'Cheers miducks',and God bless you all.
  21. Mick Twome has done Nottingham a great service,in my humble opinion,and I am sure there are a few thousand Nottingham folk would agree with my comment.
  22. We old farts start to get a higher PSA reading, as we truck along the aging road. But a large spike would be a concern,take it easy and try not to stress,that only adds to the problem. I have been fighting Renal cancer for 10 years,it goes into recession for a couple of years,then back it comes. After 2 surgeries,Chemo',and radiation,I am still this side of the daisies.I kept my sense of humour,and a positive attitude to life.I still work every day and am not confined in anything I do. We are all capable of climbing mountains,just don't look down. PS,The old farts was for the boys no
  23. You will do fine Andy,had a series of treatments over 4 days(intense therapy),everything worked out well. Be positive,and keep your sense of humour.
  24. My post#25 never mentioned clinical depression,or the drugs that are used to combat depression. Using dope or alcohol is not a cure for the problem.The correct medication,understanding the cause,and plenty of TLC can go a long way to help.