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  1. Wetherspoons & greene king are both types of brewery but im pretty sure that there not linked in any way ( i could be wrong ) Wetherspoons chains seem to be popping up all over dont they! Greene king own a few well known pubs around here, like ye olde trip to jerusalem and the bell inn for example.. They also have their own Ale, Something i dont think wetherspoons have muahaha. Was shocked to see the Maid Marian pub in arnold is now just a mound of dirt & bricks!
  2. Who'd of thought that someone for-filled a dream in Gedling! I remember the disused pit, i live just opposite it & as a kid we all used to go up there & 'explore'.. We found a spooky tunnel which im guessing was an old train tunnel, it freaked me out so much i havent been back since! Arent they meant to be building an estate on there now? Iv always wondered how itd possible as the hill is a hollow shell.. But we shall see! Thank you again for sharing that story
  3. Helloo, My Names Rochelle (Rochiie) & im new to the forum! :D I live in Gedling, On the arnold lane side & im pretty interested in the history of local areas, Im only 20 but the area's changed so much since i was a child! (How old did that just make me sound!?) Does anyone remember anything about Gedling? Any stories to share? Would love to hear them!