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  1. Wow, yes, that was a day when the Piano was delivered, had to crane it through the window upstairs above the chip shop. She sold it some yrs ago..doesnt play at all now..I can remember your Robert coming in the chip shop. he always used to say *six pennuth of chips wiv undreds n undreds of vinegar.*.we did laugh..he was lovely.
  2. My Mum sold my 3 wheel bike to the Rag n Bone man, I was
  3. Deabill Street.odd number side- Sue Furr/David Furr. Dave Woods. Stephen Slattery. Elaine Smith/Keith Smith/ cant remember anymore. Down a side Road, Arthur & Robert ?. I know Arthur had a Butchers shop in Carlton when he grew up.
  4. Starting at the top.On the corner, a policeman lived with his daughter, all I remember is ,thay had pet mice, that they would ride in a train set..on the right hand side, a Terrace, a family called King, Stephen.The Clements Family, No. 18, John Cook. No.20, The Moore Family, John/Geoffrey/Alan/& Stephen. 22.? 24-The Lye Family,Donald&? 26-Think it was Audrey popple. 28-? 30-? 32-Jennifer Chesterman. 34-Edna Everlyn.(She taught my sister to play the piano when she was only 4 yrs old) 36.ME, my sister Anne, Mum n Dad.The Jones's. 38-Mrs Hadden. 40-on the corner, 3 older la
  5. I remember Stephen Merritt, alias Charlie Ferritt..ha..we lived on Deabill St, from about 1950 to 1964.
  6. Want to put a photo on, can someone please tell me how ?, in easy steps.thanks.

  7. YOU must have been in my class then...I didn't pass the 11 plus. I answered the questions INCORRECTLY on purpose cos I knew if I passed , I'd have to walk to Carlton e Willows school.. So I opted not to . and failed, so went to Carlton girls instead..not so far to walk., but still far enough..I remember Miss Groves too, I liked her.. Also Mr.Jones the Welsh Headmaster, who taught us all to say *Cumbry am Byth* which meant Wales forever..The names I remember in my class were..Diane Yates,Elaine Smith,Jennifer Chesterman,Sue Furr,Alan Moore,John Goodband,Dennis Wright, John Cook,Alan Dyer,David
  8. I remember this shop, next to crossing gates.The lady lived next door to the chip shop at the top of Deabill Street, and would nip back for more cigs when she ran out , she sold them to the Railway men, on their way to work.
  9. WOW, JUST joined this site. and memories flooding back. My Parents had the Chip shop at top of Deabill Street..can remember The garages, and allotments and pigs, near the railway crossing.We moved to Mablethorpe early 1960's, where they opened a Nursing Home for Ladies Only... Ronnie Bee was actually living here at Mablethorpe till last year, then moved somewhere else...I also remember slaughter -house, and sitting on the wall. watching them take the cows in. didnt realise what they were doing there till I was much older... Yes-- Keys shop on a corner down Deabill Street..oh--- too many things