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  1. And yet Hull fair has been given the go ahead today ??
  2. Netherfield Wakes in Jacky Bell's field - trying to look cool, no handed on Fred Cox's Speedway, until the last 20 seconds at full speed - then hanging on for grim death !
  3. A lot of new cars don't come with a spare wheel at all !! - just a pressurised cartridge to put some pressure in the punctured wheel to get you home.
  4. TMS on Carlton Road is the old British bike dealer - mainly Triumphs up to the mid 80's models. - I still visit regularly - old British bikes always need something or other.
  5. I'm sure there's plenty of interest in "the rest of us" - otherwise, there'd be no Forum
  6. Ian brought an element to the Forum that is now sadly lacking, apart from Compo's jokes and amusing images which keep me entertained and guarantee my attendance.
  7. I'd like an F type, but a bit out of my price range. I've still got an old XKR ,which is about as close as I'll get to an F Type.
  8. I bought my first E Type in 1972 for £350 - kept it for a year then swapped it for a Buick Riviera. - If only !!! It is still on the database CNT 925C - I wonder if the car survived ?
  9. Certainly was pre covid and almost certainly will be again.
  10. His prices do seem a bit high, but classic motor bikes are big business these days
  11. Cool looking Norbsa - here's my BSA Super Rocket - my photo's a bit newer than yours ! free image hosting online link
  12. Shoulder of Mutton pub car park - usually a set of dodgems and various side stalls.
  13. Unfortunately, in this day and age, you either embrace the technological evolution or you get left behind - it is of course a free choice.
  14. The iPad issue is down to the fact that this latest software update is not designed to run on out of date iOS devices. I know this because I have an old iPad2 which is no longer supported for Apple updates making it virtually unusable for large parts of the internet - this site and many others included.
  15. If the Admins contact "technical support", Invision normally sort out any problems post update.
  16. Don't know if this helps anybody, but I just fired up my i.pad and noticed that if I hold it in landscape position, the page displays normally, but in portrait, many options are not visible.
  17. It's all in the 3 dot menu top right.
  18. Not much difference in this latest version to the previous. - Navigates better and is a much fresher look - you soon get used to it.
  19. Sovtek made/make the Big Muff (green), and valves/tubes for classic amplifiers - some under the brand name of Electro Harmonics.
  20. Don't think you could leave a cash register unattended these days !!
  21. Fawlty Towers it seems - it's now getting ridiculous !
  22. I thought it was when one party could stop everyone else from doing what they wanted to do