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  1. My parents, Grandparents and various family members all lived in St Anns in the 60's. We were moved from Northumberland Ave in the slum clearances in the late 60's. I don't really remember much but my Gran always swore you never had to lock your front door in those days. I recently watched the Stephen Frears documentary filmed in 1969 and can't believe how we used to live.
  2. When asking my Gran what my Xmas/birthday present was going to be the answer was always "a whim wham for an oojar" All girls were referred to as "that Judy". If a girl was particularly large she was always referred to as a "big stag". Effeminate men were referred to as "Jessies" - too old to be pc I'm afraid! If you asked for anything that she thought was rather expensive she'd always say "aa we'll a two". If she thought someone was a bit stingy with ingredients (ie raisens in cake, meat in stew) she'd say "I think she stood on Trent Bridge and chucked them in" You were nesh if you felt
  3. Not so much things my parents used to say but my Gran; Black ovver Bill's muthers gerrowt road - please move owd yer osses - wait a minute bat yer tabs never hang yersen - when you couldn't make your mind up When the house looked a bit messy she would always refer to it as looking like Jackie Pownalls. She didn't swear but the odd bleddy would be used and when she was really riled the word futty came out ie you're being a futty bogger today!