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  1. Thanks radfordred not been on this site for a good few years forgot where to post
  2. Wow strippers on a Sunday they really did offer everything lol. Creepers wow used to hear that phrase. Used to go down with my when I was staying with them, lived in eat all. grandad known as kenny Ross did the bingo years ago. Had a great stage there all my aunts, sharon June Janet Kathy and mum pat grew up going in there I used to go with my youngest aunt when we were kids. Had a beauty contest on and live bands used to collect all the posters and get them signed. God seems so old fashioned now. Used to have a kids tuck shop in there. Sometimes we were only allowed in the smaller room on th
  3. Omg yes. Brings back so many memories couldn’t find any photos god knows how you got this I have hundreds on Pinterest but couldn’t find one was starting to think I imagined it.
  4. Thought I’d made it up can remember running up and down the stairs seems so long ago must have been beginning of the 80s
  5. Mrs Romley was my form tutor. Didn’t like biology and physics same teacher can’t remember his name. Think a new teacher for maths we had was smith although I loved maths played up in class and geography poor teacher can’t remember her name I would’ve slapped me. Saying that they did in those days did get clipped round the ear.
  6. Anyone remember a factory that used to be where the school is now top of Nottingham road/sherwood rise. I used to play on the steps cannot remember the name of it.
  7. Anyone remember Basford Miners Welfare, early 80s when chick was on the door.
  8. Looking for people that went to northgate primary during late seventies early eighties.
  9. Anyone remember playing in the scrap yards? There used to be one on Rosetta road basford, we used to wait outside the gate and they would let us mess about in the cars, hilarious when you think how pc it is now everything’s dangerous we were all a lot tougher back then good or bad
  10. clarke38


    Hi to everyone been posting random topics on here. From basford still ended up in basford zzz. Anyone from basford north gate area or went to manning school aspley 84-89?
  11. Broxta bullwull meadaz stans strell e snenton basefad
  12. Ok hi anyway. I was there from 1973 then moved up the road to ford street when they built new houses, don’t think my mother wanted to move far.
  13. Hi, grew up in the 70s 80s on Rosetta road and ford street.
  14. Bulwell pronounces bull well everyone I know of my age 40s pronounces it bullwull