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  1. Day not going too well...have a huge mouth ulcer just inside my bottom lip and my face is swollen. I was looking forward to a couple of pints in 'spoons 'safto, too.
  2. On the subject of insects - I found one of these in the garden a couple of years ago. 'er indoors said "Is it shouting "Help me!"
  3. Stavertongirl: The diiferent colour bums indicate their species.
  4. Lizzie, It is what used to be called a "Ladaybird Nigger". It's a ladybird larva and should be placed onto any plant that has greenfly. They are voracious greenfly eaters, scoffing up to 25 aphids per day. A really good garden insect to have.
  5. GRRRRRRRR! Visitors who can't eat this and won't eat that - then you go to a lot of trouble to cook a feast of things they can/will eat.....they go out and then come back two hours after the time THEY set for it to be ready. THEN they start telling you how you should go about reheating it all because you are doing it wrong! Lose my temper with them? I told them to keep their opinions to themselves in MY kitchen. I was angry.
  6. My father was stationed at Watnall for some time during WWII and also further down the road at a place that was across the M1 from the brickworks Sadly he is now dead and connot tell any stories of as it was. He was something to do with communications but he never spoke much of his war. He had the Italy star and France & Germany star along with the three standard war medals - so he travellled around a bit.
  7. A winter squall off Britain's most northerly mainland point, Dunnet Head:
  8. Winter will soon be with us once again. This was my upper garden in January:
  9. Afternoon, 3rd July 2015. Dunnet beach north Caithness. Holidays will proceed as booked!
  10. Glen Feshie (Southern Cairngorms):
  11. Five years ago today. This is me looking back at the first of three tops on Scaraben, Caithness. Approaching the main summit of Scaraben:
  12. Dunbeath to Latheron [See bottom for album link] Here's a starter for ten..... Of weeds and walls: The rest of the album is here. If you can't see it I will post individual photos in small batches. Click on the first photo to open the bigger version and you will find captions to the right-hand side. Use forward arrows on right to move through album: A walk from Dunbeath to Latheron via the clifftops.
  13. Went for a walk from Dunbeath to Latheronwheel on Sunday morning. I took some photos that I'm going to post later. For now how about the giant beast walking through the water. there is a legend of "The Morven Giant" in Caithness. Named after the mountain it is supposed to inhabit.....could this be the legend?
  14. We were going to bid for both but there was a fault in the concrete retaining wall at the back of the house that would have cost more than we could afford to repair, Margie.
  15. My photos have once again disappeared?! I simply don't understand why this is happening.
  16. Thanks for the lovely comments, gang. Should anyone wish to experience any of the places shown in any of my photos - you know where I am.
  17. No idea, Rog. The mill has been boarded up since before I moved here 25yrs ago......Perhaps a small electricity generator? I occasionally see the retired local historian in Wick. I will make a point of asking what he knows about it when I next see him.
  18. My garden rake broke yesterday and as I was re-shaping the handle to fit into the head bracket I thought: "Now here's summat as yer don't see anymore - folk as fix their old garden tools rather than buy new uns." I have two rakes; one I fixed yesterday by reshaping the handle to fit the head and the other has a splint on the handle, which split along the lower half about four years ago. The splint has held perfectly over the past years and looks set to continue to hold for a while yet!
  19. All 'stagians have a standing invite to drop in when up this way, Beekay.
  20. My sister collects Wasgij jigsaws but only buys them 2nd hand.
  21. No sign of it up here in Caithness, Denshaw. Outside it is currently 7°C, cloud at zero feet and a strong north wind. Been like this since mid-May. I think the French have used their weather veto to prevent us from having a summer, this year.
  22. My lad bought me a 1000piece jigsaw for Father's day. I put it together and found that it was two pieces short! The bag it came in was factory sealed so I don't know what's happened to the missing pieces. I am aways very careflu not to lose bits so I'm wondering if someone at the factory is having a joke?
  23. Seeing the Tonka psots reminded me of the TV advert: "Tonka! Real tough toys, for real tough boys!" I don't suppose they are allowed to say things like that any more.