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  1. Thanks for the lovely comments, gang. Should anyone wish to experience any of the places shown in any of my photos - you know where I am.
  2. No idea, Rog. The mill has been boarded up since before I moved here 25yrs ago......Perhaps a small electricity generator? I occasionally see the retired local historian in Wick. I will make a point of asking what he knows about it when I next see him.
  3. My garden rake broke yesterday and as I was re-shaping the handle to fit into the head bracket I thought: "Now here's summat as yer don't see anymore - folk as fix their old garden tools rather than buy new uns." I have two rakes; one I fixed yesterday by reshaping the handle to fit the head and the other has a splint on the handle, which split along the lower half about four years ago. The splint has held perfectly over the past years and looks set to continue to hold for a while yet!
  4. All 'stagians have a standing invite to drop in when up this way, Beekay.
  5. My sister collects Wasgij jigsaws but only buys them 2nd hand.
  6. No sign of it up here in Caithness, Denshaw. Outside it is currently 7°C, cloud at zero feet and a strong north wind. Been like this since mid-May. I think the French have used their weather veto to prevent us from having a summer, this year.
  7. My lad bought me a 1000piece jigsaw for Father's day. I put it together and found that it was two pieces short! The bag it came in was factory sealed so I don't know what's happened to the missing pieces. I am aways very careflu not to lose bits so I'm wondering if someone at the factory is having a joke?
  8. Seeing the Tonka psots reminded me of the TV advert: "Tonka! Real tough toys, for real tough boys!" I don't suppose they are allowed to say things like that any more.
  9. Pugh, Pugh, Barney Mcgrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb. Click for "Roll Call".
  10. Not a single furry die in sight, Ian!
  11. We are losing wildlife at an alarming rate. A recent survey showed the hedgehog population to be in freefall and many other forms of wildlife are also suffering decline. After many years of whale protection, Japan has announced that it is to resume commercial whaling but even without this, our whales are sufferring more today than you might imagine. Yesterday a 27ft female Humpback whale washed up on the beach at Thurso. Its flippers were tied tightly to its flanks by what appears to be lobster pot rope. The line had cut deeply into the flippers making it impossible for the animal to swim and
  12. Bakelite clocks and trimphones......unless you sit at my computer desk
  13. Click link for images and full details of the AC Thundersley Invacar: Model 70 Blue Invacar If you were disabled, and lucky enough, you were offered an ice blue single seater that though loved in many quarters, was frequently ridiculed. The Thundersley Invacar Model 70 three wheeler was designed by AC, the same company that gave us the AC Cobra, and was in production from 1971 until 1978, it was three metres (9 foot 9 inches) in length and 1 metre 37cm (4 foot 6 inches) wide. The ice blue fiberglass shell with twin sliding doors offered room for a driver and their wheelch
  14. He was too close to death to do anything for him, Brew. Had we found him sooner....who knows?
  15. Norman the hedgehog, shortly before his death yesterday. We found him lying on the front lawn, very cold and listless. We tried to warm him up and revive him but alas, it was not to be.
  16. Trouble is that up here our season is short. If things don't get a good start they don't mature. Can't have it all ways least my garden stuff will not get pinched by raiders.
  17. Looking good, Rog. I wish the temperature would pick up a bit here. It hasn't reached double figures since last Monday. Can't get owt planted out in this.
  18. Received this from a vintage bike enthusiast this morning: "The trike is a Humber No. 7 of about 1888 price was £28." He also posted a photo of the works thus: The people in the original photo were the grandfather of a friend's wife, Frederick Tissington, and his half sister Elizabeth Tissington
  19. Vintage trike question: Is this model of trike adapted for two people to pedal as per tandem or is it just one person pedalling?
  20. The return of Winter here in the far north has put a stop to any further planting-out for the time being. Yesterday the temperature peaked at a miserable 8°C with a strong north wind. Much too cold to be of any use to a garden. Where's my share of Global Warming?
  21. there's a talk next month at teheCastlehill centre about eleven miles from me. It's being given by a 98yr old former WWII bomber pilot. He has asked that the centrwe video hiss talk because he fears he may not be able to continue giveng it much longer. Looking forward to it!
  22. Stopped at a chip shop with a so-called dining room the other day in Alness, Easter Rosshire. They charged £21 for a basic fish tea for two. That's fish, chips and peas with one slightly stale slice of bread buttered by themselves and a small mug of tea with milk added also by themselves. Condiments consisted of salt and vinegar - no pepper. If you wanted sauces including tartare sauce it was extra! The food was presented in a plain, compressed paper dish and arrived about five minutes after the tea. It was a complete rip-off but sadly, not unusual for Scotland.
  23. You can't beat Cod and Chips open (Not to go!) with salt and vinegar.