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  1. Can't see any of the images from the business card, Rog. can you repost them please?
  2. This really P*sses me off. Taken from the Leicster mercury and also an article on the TV news. When will the Health and Safety police realise that Goerge Orwell's "1984" was meant to be a novel - not a flipping rule book! If any group could be said to be self-policing it's the WI. Anyone found baking substandard cakes or using dirty premises would be forced to undergo such humiliation that they would never dare bake a cake again!: "....Women’s Institute members have been stopped from baking cakes for a Leicestershire hospice due to health and safety rules. The Leicestershire a
  3. Ok, so long as you don't bring Fat Freddy's cat!
  4. It's looking a bit black ovva Bill's mother's!
  5. Make sure you have booked the "BROADS" and not the "B ROADS"!
  6. Errrr........... " Arum maculatum poisoning Herbaceous plants that produce toxic berries, such as the cuckoo pint (arum) could have their flowers removed to stop berries forming. The leaves and sap of this plant are toxic, too. Credit: Britain's most poisonous plants" The Telegraph.....Thinks......wonder if I can get 'er indoors to try it?
  7. Beekay: Canon Irista is the Canon camera photo hosting site. It comes with 15GB of free photo space. Works the same as most others. This link to an article in "The Telegraph" tells you what you need to know: Canon Irista
  8. Here's a link to a walk I did last Thursday. There are captions on each individual photo. It is on the Canon Irista hosting site so it might work for everyone - fingers crossed! A walk over the hills of Torrisdale on the north coast of Scotland.
  9. Reminds me of the time I was driving over the Tomintoul Pass in teh Cirngorms and I caught up with a string of cars all doing around 20MPH behind a caravan. I had been in the mountains all day and just wanted to get home so, knowing the road well I realised that if I didn't get past right now I would be stuck on a series of bends for the next umpteen miles. So, off I went haring past them all, only to find that fresh road chippings had been laid and that the leader was going slow to avoid sliding off into the valley below!. A few slurring slides and I was back in control but with a rather big
  10. I don't go much for personal number plates but I have to say that I wouldn't mind owning this one, seen in Wick the other day. Pity the owner has not learnt how to park it though:
  11. Cuckoo Pint, a native British wildflower, now flowering in the garden. Posting from a previous post of mine on my FB page suing "Copy image address" feature:
  12. It's nesting time for the Puffins at Drumholistan on the Caithness coast again: Here's a link in case the image is not visible: Puffing nest building
  13. Nonna: Beer traps work very well for catching slugs. Sink an old cup or glass or any old pot into the ground so that the lip is just above soil level then fill to within about half an inch of the rim with beer - they love it. I sometimes collect hundreds of slugs in one night by using a few of these traps. Alternatively, hollow out half an orange or similar fruit skin and turn it upside down on the soil. In the early morning you should find slugs hiding beneath it. simply pick up and dispose of the slugs. Now, I shall add a few links to some of the photos I posted the other day in
  14. So maybe I should use a link instead of trying to insert the image onto the page? I don't know why things have changed though - I never used to have problems with photos.
  15. No, I'mnot doing any alterations or general bugg*ring about with the photos at all. I shall post another using a "link" instead of an "image address" and see if it makes any difference..... This is a repost of one of my bluebell photos using a link instead of an image address; hands up if you can see it: Bluebells in my little wood
  16. Thinking of the above post: A landlord always knew when we were under age for drinking....we would ask for a "Pint of bitter and lime, please."
  17. Here's summat as yer don't see no more:
  18. I've tried using different online photo sharing sites but still get the same result here in 'stalgia. some can see, some cannot. Sometimes I can't even see my own pictures?! I think it must be something wrong at "The other end", as we used to say in the days of black and white television.
  19. Mushroom spawn growing away merrily in the shed. It is sown in barley straw.
  20. Can anyone see these photos? Images from my polytunnel yesterday. Armeria maritima (Thrift - former threp'ny bit flower) Eccremocarpus scaber (Chilean Glory Vine). Free seeds available to those who want some. Aquilegia Hostas
  21. They are old branches from long ago felled Spruce trees in a wood over the road from me, Margie. Instead of letting them rot I took some over for use as suppports. They are sturdy and picturesque but best of all....FREE! Hang on a sec....I can't see the picture any longer; it's vanished?! No,'s back. What the flip is going on?
  22. Try this photo, Gang........ Going for the rustic look with my bean frame this season. Re-use and waste not. That's been my motto since long before it became a populist mantra:
  23. Margie: These photos show some of my bluebells. The ones in the wood were originally the English variety but they have all hybridized with the Spanish ones over the years. the Spanish ones seem to have dominant genes.
  24. Ayup Mick,Some folk are not seeing my photos, Mick. Do you have any idea why some can see them but others can't? I post htemm using "Insert other media" and then "Insert image from url"

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