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  1. Margie: These photos show some of my bluebells. The ones in the wood were originally the English variety but they have all hybridized with the Spanish ones over the years. the Spanish ones seem to have dominant genes.
  2. Ayup Mick,Some folk are not seeing my photos, Mick. Do you have any idea why some can see them but others can't? I post htemm using "Insert other media" and then "Insert image from url"

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      Oops! pressed send by mistake....I was going to correct my grammar and typos before sending :/


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      I can't see em , but I can see all private messages between members ;)

  3. Does anyone know why some can see my pictuers but others can't?
  4. A delightful Harbour Seal smiling for the camera in the Wick River this morning.
  5. "FILTH AND DEPRAVITY!" Is what my Victorian grandmother would have said about the behaviour of these creatures seen in Wick today. She would have been shocked to her foundation garments to have witnessed such a wanton display of lust and desire.
  6. His head looks like a Moai statue from Easter Island, Brew:
  7. Once a rosemary bush has become woody it is best to get rid of it and start again. I know that some herbs can have deep and thick roots so if yours is like this I would dig around the roots about six inches away from the stem and chop them off at a point where they are thin enough to cut through with a sharp spade. This should allow you to lift the plant completely. I have lifted thick, woody Gorse in this manner with no great difficulty. This from "Can You Hard Prune Rosemary? Gardeners are sometimes hesitant to make drastic cuts on rosemary shrubs
  8. Margie, I have some English bluebells up in the wood but Spanish elsewhere. The problem is that they hybridize all too easily. Colours range from deep blue to pink. I will take a couple of photos later and post them here.
  9. Finished dead-heading the daffodils now. Bluebells are just coming into flower. Locally, the Spring wild flowers are showing their colours to good effect. Violets, Red Campion and Primroses are all at their best just now.
  10. Yoghurt or cow dung, either will do teh trick, Rog.
  11. Here are a few photos of our walk along the clifftops between Freswick and Duncansby Head in north east Caithness last Friday. The day began foggy with a sea fret or Haar covering the coast but as the day progressed the mist rolled abck and the sun shone. alas, the wind also had its say and at one point we were walking at an angle of about 45° into it! It was a great walk and saw not a soul all morning. Walk time 3hrs 10mins including a short snack break at the photo labelled "A nice place for a picnic".
  12. Bit of a blooper regarding the cheery photo of the Green West Country class locomotive 21C123, Balckmoor Vale, Beekay. It is currently "Off the road" requiring a new firebox at a cost of £199,900! Not so cheery for its fans.
  13. Beekay: Just in case you can't see the spider photo, here's a link that should take you to it. It will also show a bigger image in more detail. Sexy spiders
  14. Right....anyone into animal porn? Here's a photo of a pair of orb web spiders having a right old sex session in my greenhouse yesterday. I managed to catch them just as the male (smaller) was passing his sperm sac (the white thing) to the female. The good news is that when they had finished, he managed to back carefully away and escape with his life For a bigger, more detailed image see the link in the next post.
  15. I lived on Arundel Street, near Canning Circus from late 1973 to early 1978, Melissa. [There was a pub called "The Wheatsheaf" at the bottom of the street on Ilkeston Road.] Then moved to Gregory Street in Lenton.
  16. looks like a Yamaha FS1E Rog. [From Wiki: "The Yamaha FS1-E has a 49 cc single cylinder two-stroke air-cooled rotary disc-valved engine with a four-speed gearbox."]
  17. Two would-be puffin spotters standing on the wrong side of the gorge last Friday at sunrise: ......and what you see when you stand on the correct side of the gorge:
  18. Was you at Douglas too, Melissa? My son was there in the mid 1970s. Long before your time though.
  19. I haev no time for such reigious wierdos, Phil. They preach one thing and practice another.
  20. I saw summat abaht that that on telly the other day, Fly. Right at the back, in the darkest place of the cave too. amazing!
  21. Much has been said of graffiti in these pages over time so I thought it might be an idea to start a topic on the subject: Some of the world's oldest graffiti is to be found in the British Isles. Here is an example from the Neolithic tomb at Maeshowe on the Orkney Isles. The tomb was built around 5,000years ago and was known to the Vikings as evidenced by this and other runic graffiti carved into the stonework inside the tomb: [Photo credit:Charles Tait photography] "....At Maeshowe there are about 30 inscriptions, many of which are of the style "Thorfinn w
  22. Back in the 1990s I took a holiday in the working island of Trinidad. Everywhere I went lads would lean out of their vehicle window and shout "Hey Whitey!" as they drove past. I wasn't offended and on each occasion I simply waved and shoute "Hi!" back to them and of course, most waved back. Can you imagine what would happen if I leaned out of a vehicle in UK and shouted "Hey Blackie!" at every coloured bloke I saw?
  23. It's dahnright bleddy infuriating when 'er indoors has a Spring clean! I can't find owt anymore and when I ask she says: "OH THAT, I threw it out - it was no use anyway." Got my own back the other day though - she couldn't find a book that she'd shifted during her Spring clean. I eventually founnd it and was able to say "Be more careful what you do with things in future."
  24. Here is rare evidence of the elusive Lowland Haggis; a quadruped similar to the Mountain Haggis but with even length legs instead of two long and two short. Sadly, this family lost its forest home to the bulldozers who destroyed their forest in order to make way for a wind farm. I tried to save some of their babies but alas, they didn't survive the winter. The species is now practically extinct in the far north due to the prolifereation of their greatest enemy - the ubiquitous wind farm.
  25. Don't know what's wrong Margie. Perhaps an admin can sort it out? I know Waddo has managed to view them.