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  1. Is it "Papa John's" that is advertising a special offer of 2 x pizzas for £19.99 on TV just now? Well, I can make one for a few pence
  2. Racism is a very touchy and subjective topic. For example: Most folk will laugh at a joke about the Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman but add a Pakistani or Negro into the joke and it becomes racist. Is it not just as racist to poke fun at everyone or is it permissible to poke fun at everyone providing they are not coloured? I, personally, get piss*d off at people who say the eastern Europeans come over here and steal our jobs; whereas in reality they are mostly working in low paid jobs that no-one else will do. So, how do we decide if a comment is funny or just plain racist? I don't know the
  3. I'm with Lizzie on the spelling. My left and right hand co-ordination is not what it used to be; consequently, when typing some letters they become mixed up. My biggest problem is not that I can't spell but mainly that I don't proof read my posts properly before hitting 'return'.
  4. Has no-one noticed that I spelled 'Quote' incorrectly....or are you all too polite to say?
  5. I took my favourite mountain boots to the local cobbbler. The daft bogger managed to stitch right through the inner waterproof membrane and rendered the boots useless in damp conditions.
  6. When coppers stopped you when speeding: "Who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?!" Nowadays it seems to be an instant breathalyser test and then a speeding ticket.
  7. When I qoute I snip out the bits that are not relevant to my response. Keeps the quote short and to the point so that everyone can see what I'm nattering on about.
  8. I think the surname of the landlord I am looking for might have been "Best", Pat Best.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I expect the chap has retired by now but you never know. I wish I could remember his surname though. Pat .......... ARGH!
  10. Rog: I was at RAF Swinderby from Nov 1969 - Jan 1970.
  11. Ok, not Notts but here's why I'm posting: Back in 1980-2 I worked for Miller Bros on Parliament Street. The manager was called Pat something-or-other. in about 1984 he became landlord of a pub in Eagle, Lincs. I would like to know if the pub is still open and what his surname was...anyone know Eagle at all or have a contact number of a local history group, please?
  12. In 1992/3 Ilived next door to a bloke on Orkney who had a grey fergie. We used to go fishing off the Isle of Copinsay and the fergie was used to tow and launch the boat.....axle deep in salt water. I reckon a classic enthusiast would have a dicky-fit at the sight of a 1950 tractor in the sea!
  13. Well, you're not wrong there, Brew!
  14. Took a clifftop walk from Nybster to Buchollie castle in the north east Caithness this morning. three and a half hours in heavy wintry showers and near gale force wind....I must fecking bonkers!
  15. I had a coal place next to the outside loo when I worked and lived in Annesley. Had 19cwt of employees coal allowance delivered every five weeks and the coal place was always full to overflowing.
  16. Making ends meet: During the post World War II period many of us experienced life in the "Make do and mend" era. This was a difficult time for all ordinary working people, where money was tight and goods scarce. Many will remember the daily shopping expedition down to the local greengrocer, grocer and newsagent for essential supplies such as 2lbs of potatoes, a few carrots and perhaps a cabbage - you get the picture. In that period, from the end of the war though until the mid-1960s there was no such thing as a supermarket and all food was bought at either the local shop or the tow
  17. Newark Castle - where Kong John died from dysentry in 1216. Photo taken about 2008:
  18. Talking Pictures is also my favourite channel, Ben. Some great stuff on there; such as Scotland Yard, Gideon's Way and many great films.
  19. Gretton road, Mapperley, winter 1986/1987. Showing my Series III SWB Safari Landrover:
  20. Thanks, Rog. I'll pass the gen on.
  21. On teh topic of repeat prescrip[tions; I am on a permanent repeat list for Allopurinol for my gouty leg. I asked the paharmacy if I could have an early prescription because, like Col, I was to be out of the country when it was needed. They said "No bother at all, come in a couple of days before you leave." I did so and of course, they had forgotten.
  22. The missis is looking forward to fish in parsley sauce for tea. I took my eyes off the cat for five minutes.....Wonder how she will like the beans on toast?
  23. Referring to the original post: The American says (Near the bottom of his list) that if you are 60 you get free TV. In fact you have to wait until you are 75 to qualify for the free TV licence.