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  1. Found this 1976 Green Shield stamps catalogue amongst the late Mma-in-Law's things:
  2. Singing Postman AKA Alan Smethurst was a folk singer/songwriter, born in Bury, Lancashire in 1937, died 2000. Moving to Sheringham in Norfolk at age two he spent his youth until his late teens in Norfolk before moving to Cleethorpes with his mother where he spent the rest of his life. His songs mostly featured life as it was in Norfolk when he was a boy. Although making money from record sales he became an alcoholic, losing his money to the problem and spent his last years in a Salvation Army hostel. He was a Lincolnshire postman for twelve years. I used to have one of his LPs bu
  3. Julie's son has lived in Portugal since 1990. He took his degree at Lisbon Uni and speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish. Not sure how he is fixed for remaining in the country after March but he has spent his entire working life there and to have to return to UK would be a massive shock and disadvantage to him.
  4. Went to the barbershop - it was closed.....looks like it's going to be one of those days.
  5. Here in Scotland tehre is a stretch of road between Stirling and Inverness, a total of around 138 miles, that is completely covered by average speed cameras. You have to watch your speedo the whole way if you want to keep a licence for more than one trip! Looks like the English are folling the mad SNP on "Road safety"..... For "Road Safety" read "Money making schemes".
  6. I sincerely hope she gets enough to cover her loss, Mary.
  7. Renewable energy - pain in the bottom, more like! My solar panels broke down last week and I have still not been able to get anyone out to take a look at them. The government push us to go for renewables but put no infrastructure in place to ensure that they continue working after the guarantee period expires. Looks like I will have to get out onto the roof and do the job myself. I have isolated the faulty set of panels but that still leaves another set of ten panels that could be at fault. I'm fairly sure that the problem is an ingress of moisture in one of the dozens of connectors up on th
  8. Because to enforce a ban would be deemed to be an assault on the pupils' human rights - I suppose.
  9. There's nowt wrong wi'a calculator - you can't chat or text each other on one of those.
  10. I have just read an article in the local paper about mobile phones being used in school classrooms. I was stunned - had no idea that pupils are allowed to use their mobile phones whilst someone is trying to teach a lesson! In a separate article, same paper, Professor Baikie (UHI), who has children at both primary and secondary schools, said that he is in favour of allowing mobile phone use in classrooms?! Last week the BBC series "Twinstitute" Doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken put the mobile distraction idea to the test. Using identical twins they held an intelligence test with h
  11. Planning an early night tonight; I'm having a lie-in tomorrow and I want to be fresh for it.
  12. Argh! What kind of price is that?! I had two pints of 'Compo's Platform End Bitter' yesterday - cost me about ten pence to make. Our local Spoons sells guest ales at £2.25 per pint and Deuchars IPA (The one I often choose) at £1.79 per pint.
  13. May I put the smell of "Wet dog" into room 101, please? It is one of the few things I really can't stomach.
  14. Then it is probably summat at my end. Earlier on today I couldn't get on to the site - "Nottstalgia refused permission to enter site."
  15. Col: The above pictures were put in from Google Photos. Open photo and click "Open link in new tab" go to the new tab and click "Copy image address", then "Insert other media" and put your image address in there.. They seem to stay put when entered this way.
  16. Front room fireplaces like this. This one was in my current house when I moved in. Tried to get replacement tiles to match the missing ones but couldn't find any so I replaced the whole unit with a salvaged Victorian cast iron fire. Replaced it with this:
  17. Some dozy sods have been known to buy OXO cubes thinking they were Cannabis resin! One, a local lad, once bought an OXO as Cannabis and when he discovered what it was he went to the police and complained about the dealer. He was arrested and charged with attempting to buy illegal drugs!
  18. Miller Bros used to be the Central Garage. Some weeks after the opening there was a problem with the toilets. The toilet drain seriously overflowed into the store warehouse, once the garage workshops area. Lots of damage was done to the goods. The owners saw an opportunity here and decided to add lots more stuff to the list of damage for the insurance claim; they even brought stuff from other stores to add to the pile. Someone, who shall remain nameless, was outraged by the flagrant deceit, had a quiet word with the loss adjuster - who had already noted discrepancies in types of damage. That
  19. A hot mug of OXO was just the ticket in the colliery canteen after a hard shift dahn't pit. Cost 3d per mug in my day.
  20. Saw these two comments in the same thread on faceache this morning: Billy Lincoln Benny hill makes me I'llanage Like · Reply · 28m Billy Lincoln Benny hill was a good comedian but some his joke's were a bit below the beltanage Like · Reply · ............................................................... Feral Apostrophes rule, UK....not to mention missi
  21. Provided that your head was not too big, you could pull the tubular college scarf down over your head and then wrap the remainder around your neck. Made a great windproof protection on the motor scooter.
  22. My NCB Annesley Colliery motty from 1969: