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  1. I always snip irrelevant bits of quoted posts and leave in the bit to which I am responding. This, IMO, makes clear which post I am replying to and avoids mix-ups. On two occasions I have multi-quoted by accident and now that I have been made aware of a method of correcting my mistakes any future posts should comply with forum etiquette. However, I will accede to the Admin request to discontinue quoting. No hard feelings and apologies if I have upset anyone :o)
  2. Normal Edit only allows me to remove the actual quote but not the quote tabs, hence my double quote with text in only one. I haven't tried "Full Editor" but will do so the next time I make a bog of things - promise :o)
  3. Don't sit in Arthur's seat - he might get cross :o)
  4. That's Tru Stu! :~ ┬░Hic
  5. Right! I shall be watching this space with effect from 1st January and I expect to see news of a finished quilt before the year is out :o)
  6. I tried the "Edit" but it wouldn't allow me to take out the double quote, only to remove the text.
  7. Pixie, No worries - I'll sign you up and if you don't like it just delete yourself from the members list. Karen is the group admin and she cross stitches - she will introduce you to her cross stitch gang if you ask. It is a friendly group but not always a busy one. you should get notification that you have been joined in a few minutes - just off to do it now. Had to go into edit mode - I just realized, you are not on my Facebook friends list so I can't add you to the group. You can either search for "Chatabout" (name of group) or send me a friends request. I go by the name of Paul Simmo
  8. There is a keen Cross-stitcher in a Facebook group to which I belong; I'll wager she can give you some tips on doing it cheaply. Would you like me to add you to the group? BUGG*R! I've double quoted again - SORRY Mick2Me :o((((((((((((((
  9. I have been know to spend it camping. It is traditional here in Caithness to climb the mountain called Morven (biggest in our little county) on New Year's Day and no matter what the weather there is always someone climbing it. I currently have no plans for this New Year's Eve.
  10. When you can get out visit your local archives. You can usually search for free but if you want them to do it for you there is a small charge. The archivist will be happy to help you. You may also be able to search the archive online, depending upon whether or not they have modernised yet. It's better to be there in person because the archivist can lend you his/her experience.
  11. I once Morris Danced at Belvoir Castle - awaits ridicule.........
  12. I enjoy reading Nottstalgia forum posts - keep up the good work gang :o)
  13. As a 10yr old (Early 1961) I was playing on the new Arnold Fire Station building site at the back of Allen and Solley's where John Lewis factory now stands when my mate got stuck thigh deep in the mud and couldn't get out. I put a plank over the bog and slid up to him to pull him out but his weight combined with the mud on the plank caused me to fall in with him - now we were both stuck. the Third member of our crew went to a nearby house and managed to get the fire brigade to come and dig us out. Received a sound thrashing from my dad but the story made front page in the Evening Post the n
  14. I bought SWMBO a set of wood carving chisels about ten years ago because she wanted to do some small carvings. She now has a pile of seasoned cherry wood from our garden but still the chisels are in their box. I have a large outbuilding that I use as a workshop. I tackle all sorts of stuff in there but not arty-farty type things. I have an engineering background so I tend to stick to making do and mending rather than spending on new stuff.
  15. I would like to go back and tell my old dad that I eventually took a University Degree, he would be proud. He made every effort to get me to do it when young but I resisted - finally graduating in 1999, 6yrs after his death.
  16. That's a probability and may be worth following up. Last night I discovered that an artist by the name of Fred Appleyard (1874-1963) had two large landscape paintings hanging in the General Hospital. I was unable to find out their titles or content but I have emailed the archive to see what they know.
  17. Tony, Can't see any reference to the painting on the website so I have emailed for information. My main question now is whether it actually existed or not.
  18. Tony, As my uncle was describing the picture it rang a bell. I'm not sure whether I saw it at the General or if it was somewhere else. I will check teh website mentioned and see if it has been recorded. Thanks.
  19. Gang, Just been talking to an aged uncle who told me that there used to be a large oil painting, about 10ft or 12ft X 8ft (ish) hanging in the outpatients at General hospital. It depicted the Meadows before industrialization, with cows grazing in green fields. One day he noticed the painting leaning against the outside wall and thereafter he saw it no more; this would be about 1969/70ish. Question: Does anyone have any idea what may have happened to that painting?
  20. I thought I was the only one! I work Xmas week and never go to Xmas works do's. They call me 'the miserable b'stard' when I'm out of earshot <g> Merry Xmas :o(
  21. Do they still have the Jazz club there on Thursdays? It's 30yrs since I last went but some things don't change :o)
  22. This particular Fox and Grapes was in Sneinton Market, opposite the Parliament Street bus depot.
  23. Apologies to all for the long quote list in my previous post - hit the wrong button and by the time I realised it was too late and I had to snip the quotes. I couldn't see how to undo my mistake :o((
  24. I'm still alive - I think :o)