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  1. I reckon the chippy in question was beneath the "155" sign in picture No4. What say you?
  2. Another great Nottm Chipy was George's chippy on Sneinton Dale. He used to hide we schoolkids in the back of the shop when the headmaster drove down the dale looking for us at lunchtimes.
  3. The one in question was on the left a few yards before you get to the cross roads at Cross St. & Coppice Road. I think Fine Fare had a building on or adjacent to the site in later years.
  4. Salop or Slop Street Chippy was run by a German lady. Many years after she left Slop Street I found her in a chip shop on Carlton Road and then later still, about 1975-80ish in a chippy in Dunkirk. She was a lovely lady but I suspect she may have had problems with locals being German and running a business just after WWII. I think a fish'n chips in the late 1950s was one shilling. Fritters 1d each and chips 3d for a huge bag.
  5. Hatters was the chippy of choice for my gang of lads in the 60s. If flush we would go upstairs and sit in the window seats to watch the world go by. It was actually called Hatters before being taken over by the Mermaid. Our rival gang used the chippy at the top end of Front Street. Can't remember the real name but we knew it as "Joe Borwn's Chippy" after the leader of the gang who used it most.
  6. I too remember Arnold Wakes. My gran used to live on High Street opposite Wharton's dairy and adjacent to Harry Fish's bakery. A visit to gran's was always great - the smell of baking and the taste of fresh ice cream made in the dairy across the road. The wakes was a landmark in the year. The rides, music, noise of the generators and engines plus the sideshows and fairground stall owners selling their wares and games of skill to the punters. If I was lucky I would have as much as two bob to spend and savoured spending every last penny~~~~~~~Happy days indeed!