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  1. New day, new ain't arf windy out there this morning. I almost flew up the hills this morning on my bike but coming back was a different story. Stop pedalling and it was like an emergency brake application!
  2. Late night owl, Ben? According to theh posting gen you made the above post at around 2am this morning!
  3. I've gorra chain in't shed - no, a REAL surveyor's chain: 22yds long with 100 links. Whilst we are still on the subject of weights and measures, don't forget the CRAN. 1 Cran = 1,200 herrings or 28 stones in weight.
  4. Interesting day for me today: 1. Today I have outlived my father 2. Today is the 32nd birthday of my second son to my second wife 3. Today is the 51st anniversary of my fiirst marriage
  5. The River's have Salmon; the lochs have brown trout but only small ones. One does occasionally see anglers on the lochs but usually on those that are stocked rather than the natural ones. I have met many Munro baggers that carry a collapsible rod for the purpose of trying to catch dinner
  6. Boarding passes printed out for late Jan through Feb hols.
  7. See my post from 1/1/20 above, PP. I have also put some photos on the "Out and About With Compo" section of "Members hobbies and interests/photography".
  8. Beginning to panic about my concrete plinth for the phone box (which should arrive on Saturday). It is still looking quite damp and not as set as I had hoped it would be. I had asked for delivery to be mid-January but the machine could only be had this coming Saturday.
  9. Out and about on New Year's day in the hinterlands of Caithness. The day dawned well and the walk was fine but cold. Here's a few shots of the route. Pampas dawn in the garden. Braemore - the start of the walk Signpost at Braemore. There are no villages for around 40 miles in that direction - those are names of areas of the moor. Maiden Pap and Smean Lochan Nam Bo Riabhach (Translation: The little lake of the brindled cow) A long and lonely track across the
  10. Incidentally, Ethiopia now has one of thte fastest growing economies in the world. Since the end of the war that caused all the trouble in the 1980s., the government has teamed up with China and the Chinese are putting in roads all over the place and extracting minerals like they are going out of fashion. The resultant wealth is filtering down through the population and there are probably fewer rough sleepers in their cities than we have here in UK.
  11. Waddo: A typical Ethiopian dinner consists of a spicy sauce, vegetables par boiled until just Al Jolson Dente and a large, flat, fermented pancake-like bread called Injera. Pudding is usually either Creme caramel or Bula (A kind of semolina made from the innards of the Ensette plant). One then finishes with wery strong coffee in a tiny cup and cake or biscuit. It takes a bit of getting used to but it is certainly different.
  12. Awoke to a frozen tent early this mornming so I went out fro a bike ride in the dark. Yes I know...I'm bonkers. Came back and had a quick breakfast before going out into the moors for a long walk. The day turned out fine and sunny but a bit on the cold side, with a chilly breeze. I have just finished cooking an Ethiopian style meal for tea and I am looking forward to it, so without further ado let me say that photos will be available of the moors, possibly tomorrow, if any turn out ok.
  13. I saw an interview once with Pater Noone from Herman's Hermits. He said that they were once more popular then the Rolling Stones! I don't know what he was on but I'd like some of it!
  14. Was his name John Anderson (Formerly Wisniewski)? I knew a bloke of this name who became addicted to these nasal sprays as a teenager and last time I heard from him he was still getting through them like they were going out of fashion!
  15. A note to everyone who received a book from me this Christmas: They are due back at the library on Wednesday .
  16. It's gerrin late so: tThe sun is setting; Trees felled, logged and stacked; Telephone box paid for and delivery arranged; Tent up and ready for tonight......Happy New Year to one and all!
  17. Oops! Forgot to finish decorating the tree - only one bauble
  18. Out and about on Boxing Day. I followed the river known locally as "Dunbeath Water" for about six miles before turning back in the gloom of late afternoon semi-darkness. I have posted photos of the lower strath before so this time I will just post images from beyond the lower strath. The river known as Dunbeath Water. Ruinous croft house on the moor. Victim of the unscrupulous "Highland Clearances" of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The "White Cemetery" at Tutnaguial. This small cemetery is stands all alone, roughly 3 miles
  19. Let me know what dates, PP, and we shall see about a pint or three!
  20. Referring to Jonab's comments on servants puts me in mind of my time in Ethiopia. When we first arrived we were offered a servant. This seemed a bit on the imperial superior attitude side and so I refused. I was then taken aside and had it explained to me that all ex-pats are expected to provide employment for at least one local person, without which the local people would have serious problems due to the lack of employment in the country that was, at that time, at war with itself. I took the servant and paid her to work full-time but asked her to only come in part-time. That seems to have
  21. Just collected six FREE railway sleepers from across the road - there may be more in the offing after New Year, too....whic is nice
  22. Merry christmas to one and all and in the words of the late Dave Allen: "May your God go with you."
  23. 'er indoors bought me a sonic cleaner for my birthday so that I could clean bits and bobs with ease. When she asked what I would like for Xmas I said "A can of cleaning fluid to go with the cleaner you bought me for my birthday." So she looked it up and came back to me with "I can't get you only costs a few pounds; it would be much of a present." I argued that it is what I want and I'd rather have that than an expensive gift that I neither need nor want. No good though, there's a bag of presents by the tree and there's only me in the house - unless she's inviting loads of guests a
  24. PP: Re website picture..........Handy for the pub!
  25. The latest jigsaw is a 1000 piece Wasgij destiny "Mutlins". On the box is Mutlins 1960 and the puzzle is circa 2000s