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  1. I bought a clock from Hawkins Bazaar two weeks ago. I noticed that it had stopped on Friday. Close examination revealed that the card face had not been properly fixed to the backing and it was touching the hour hand, causing it to jam. I informed Hawkins and asked for directions of what to do now. Just had an email from them: Hawkins are sending me a replacement and have told me to bin the faulty clock. I shall fix the faulty clock and keept it.... Two clocks for the price of one......RESULT!
  2. Went out and about at Geise, Caithness at dusk yesterday. It was cold and uninviting but managed a few photos: Old barn: Branching out at Geise: Waterfall: Cold and slippery:
  3. I used to love the night we put up the garlands for Xmas. As with many others, they went in the same place each year. My mother continued putting the same ones up until her death in 2008. She still had some of the 1950s paper garlands, oft repaired but still serviceable! Alas, when she died, my brother went in and binned most of her stuff, including garlands and her 1920s/30s scrapbook.
  4. With apologies to RR for the quote. Here' you go Mercurydancer: One day I'll fly away.....
  5. Incident off Duncansby Head, Caithness, on 6th December 1959: Last Friday saw a reunion of a group of Wick trawlermen who, 60 years ago, were laid up in harbour due to a big storm. They had all "signed-on" as unable to work due to the weather and were in receipt of the relevant tie-up benefits. On that afternoon a call came out from a stricken Aberdeen trawler in trouble off the Stacks of Duncansby in 100mph winds. In failing light, the trawlermen volunteered to go ut with the coastguard in order to try and rescue the other sailors. Sadly, all 12 crew of the stricken vessel were lo
  6. What were you doing with a J size big bra, Malcolm?!
  7. Perhaps not, Phil, but at least he gives them a mention in passing. The current crop of Tory Old Etonians see us as canon fodder - just as they did in the Great War.
  8. Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the nation, There was misery, poverty and great deprivation Some stockings were empty, some fridges were bare, The heating turned off, little money to spare. Boris Johnson was cosy, a quaffing champagne, Cognac and Port so he’s feeling no pain, Stuffing his chops on goose flesh and gammon, Caviar, Stilton and the finest smoked salmon. The homeless are shivering in cardboard containers Ex-Servicemen, youngsters, both Leave and Remainers The nurses and doctors all still searching for beds Wi
  9. There's no Bryden Street in my 1960 Burrows map of Nottingham, but there is a Dryden street.
  10. The patch idea originated in Universities. Poorly paid professors sewed patches onto their tweed jackets as they wore out, in order to make them last longer. During the early 20th century manufacturers began to make the jackets with ready sewn patches. [Source: a number of different history sites]
  11. "Your name vill also go on ze lizt - vot iss it?" "Don't tell him, Pike!" Philip Madoc and M̶r̶ ̶S̶w̶i̶n̶d̶l̶e̶y̶ Arthur Lowe, in Dad's Army.
  12. Whatever happened to the saying "Fred Karno's Army"? The last time I recall hearing it was when in the RAF. I was on a mobile radar unit and we would prepare for a trip to a given location when suddenly and very frequently we would be re-directed elsewhere. Someone once said "It's like bloody Fred Karno's army is this!"
  13. Turned out to be an Ilkeston based case, if I recall correctly.
  14. Watched the 'War of the Worlds' drama series over the past few weeks. I was looking forard to the climax but it never happened; most surreal, it was.
  15. No internal picures CT. There is a potentially useful contact in there though. I shall pass it on. Thanks for finding this.
  16. It's MOT faliure day once again tomorrow....We have to put our cars through a ministry test to see if they are fit for the roads; so why is there no test to see if the roads are fit for cars to use?!
  17. Fingers crossed for you all.......
  18. Does anyone have any photos of the Arnold drill hall from any period up to the 1970s? A lady who was born there in 1959 is seekiing pictures, especially any from the inside. Any help appreciated.
  19. Well gerronwi'it and ay a gud'n my friend. Happy birthday Beekay.
  20. May had a little lamb, it followed her to sleep, The lamb turned out to be a ram, Now Mary's full wait - that's probably inappropriate for this thread.
  21. Jonab: She called the Bast*rd Stephen She called the Bast*rd Stephen Seh called the Baaaaaast*rd Steeeephen Cos that was the name of the ink.
  22. He's probably aready got a copy, Lizzie.
  23. Sorry RR but hard fried egg and mushy sprouts - yeuch!