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  1. ....with Rockhopper and Gentoo penguins:
  2. On the beach at Sea Lion Island with the Elephant Seals.
  3. Having fun with sledges in the snow. Port Stanley 1987: The Globe hotel - the most southerly proper pub in the world:
  4. Especially for Katyjay: What about a round of golf here? (Port Stanley, Falkland Islands).
  5. I can see I shall have to dig out some non-jock images, Katyjay!
  6. Here's a number plate that gave me a laugh. Sorry about the blurry pic but I was driving at the time and it was taken before the days of dash cams.
  7. I think I shall invite the entire village up for a feast, Nonna!
  8. The dam problems at Whaley Bridge prompted me to dig out this old photo of the same dam that I took back in the long, hot summer of 1976. No chance of flooding then! Curiously, there is a patch almost in the same place as the damage now threatening the structure but on the inside of the wall. a patch, perhaps? Whaley Bridge is off to the right of the picture.
  9. I think you must be correct, DJ. Can't see Scotrail being allowed to say the most westerly if it was not true.
  10. Pumpkins are doing well this year!
  11. Ladies please ensure you adjust your dress before venturing into the great outdoors! [Dunnet beach September 2014]
  12. It is indeed, Beekay. The line turns north from Arisaig for a few miles to Mallaig.
  13. Hillwalking in Scotland always carries teh risk of hill fog. It is essential that walkers learn compass reading skills before cventuring out alone. Here's a photo of a typical summer day in the mountains:
  14. On Ben unpronounceable in the north west of Scotland we met an odd tribe of hairy men. They approached us and said "We're the fuckarwe"
  15. Autumn on Loch Eil, west of Fort William:
  16. Arisaig is the most westerly station in Britain - although I would have thought some Northern Ireland stations could be further west?
  17. Black 5 at Arisaig on "The Jacobite" Wednesday 1st October 2014:
  18. Back in December 2014 the garden was visited by this Leucistic Chaffinch. One day I noticed a local bird spotter with others searching the local hedgrows with cameras at the ready. When I asked what the fuss was about, he told me that they were looking for a reported Leucistic Chaffinch. For the past couple of weeks it had been hiding in our garden! I had no idea they were searching for it. By the time I discovered what the fuss was about, the bird had flown.
  19. No fireflies Jonab. Oddly, we don't have ants either.
  20. I almost managed to grow some Portabella mushroms this year. The spawn grew and spread nicely but I misjudged the casing time and killed the spawn Trying again with a new batch of spawn.
  21. Yep, sounds like me alright! Went out without my dressing gown the other evening and was near bitten to death by the dreaded Scottish midges! They go straight for the naughty bits!
  22. Summer finally arrived in Caithness last Thursday, Fly. Looks like it's over now though.
  23. Hiking boots, Beekay. Too muddy for shoes in this part of the world
  24. Loch Gaineimh (Ganiv), central Caithness, November 2005: