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  1. How about this for odd lyrics. It is my favourite Procol Harum song: Homburg Procol Harum Your multilingual business friend Has packed her bags and fled Leaving only ash-filled ashtrays And the lipstick, unmade bed The mirror, on reflection Has climbed back upon the wall For the floor she found descended And the ceiling was too tall Your trouser cuffs are dirty And your shoe
  2. Dave Clark does indeed own the RSG rights.
  3. DJ360: I have the single, Zabadak on my jukebox. It's one of my favourite tunes but I agree the lyrics are weird, to say the least. The flipside (Don't hear that term very often these days!) "The Sun Goes Down", is equally strange.
  4. Right.......I used the phrase "Just Sayin'" at the end of my opening post. It seems that the term is meant to be used as an expression of being fed-up with someone or something. So, I apologise firstly for using a catchphrase and secondly for misusing the term. I have modified the originall post to remove the offending phrase.
  5. I was listening to Radio Caroline North this morning when the song 'Elenore' by The Turtles came on. I was musing on how pathetic the lyrics were. for example: Chorus ".....Elenore gee I think you're swell And you really do me well You're my pride and joy et cetera" That awful song was then followed by The Days of Pearly Spencer. just take a look at the lyrics - what a difference in quality: A tenement, a dirty street Walked and worn by shoe less feet Inside it's long and so complete Watched by shivering sun Old eyes in a small child
  6. Trying "Post Image" to see if my pictures really are "Things you don't see anymore".
  7. I can see photos up until September 28th and the links work from the 29th but can see no images after that date. I wonder if it is my workshop gnomes reaching out in the world?
  8. Is it the song "Nottingham Ale"? I used to have a copy of the song on tape but it is long gone.
  9. Our Mam allus useter buy this tea; except I think it were abaht a tanner then, not 1/9d:
  10. I was musing on the topic of Potted meat/beef this morning as I was out on my bike - as you do. I came home and lo! potted beef is mentioned in this topic. So, here in Scotland, potted beef is a a jar of gelatinised beef strips and not the paste that we loved as kids in Notty. I now have a burning question: Is potted meat/beef still available in the Midlands or has it gone the way of many other goodies over the years?
  11. Found this photo of Leen Valley signalbox on The site owner is Chris Ward, who was the loco fireman on this engine. It depicts the 0620 Daybrook pick-up goods at Leen Valley Junction Signalbox but the date on the photo is 23/12/64. Although the track was still in-situ until 1965 the line had actually closed to al traffic on 1st June 1964; apart from use for a short period of time as a carriage and waggon storage facility, so a bit of a puzzle there. [photo credit: Chris Ward]
  12. They were wearing boots and socks but nothing else. I could have taken a full frontal photo for proof but it seemed a bit seedy to me. when they arrived I offererd them a hot drink and they were very pleased to be made welcome. They were so cold that I offered a hot shower and a bed for the night, which they readily acccepted. Several others had given them accommodation during their walk, too.
  13. He seemed to be compusive, obsessive. He said that originally it was just a walk for a bit of fun but when he was arrested he was badly treated by the police. AS an ex-marine, he was already soewhat traumatised by his army career and bering pushed around made him determined to complete a full traverse of the UK mainland from bottom to top (Excuse the pun). After surviving several arrests and imprisonment, mainly in Scotland, he completed his solo walk. The next step was to take his girlfriend along and have one man/one woman doing it together. When arrested it was only him that was taken into
  14. They were arrested on their way home once again. She put her clothes on and was released but he insisted on staying naked. He was locked up in Edinburgh jail for almost five years until they finally gave up and let him go. They tried to release him several times but each time he undressed as soon as he left prison and was immediately arrested again. They had borrowed my ordnance survey map of the area for their final leg of the journey and promised to let me have it back the following day. I thought they had forgotten but five years later the map arrived by post with an apology for the unavoid
  15. Perhaps Admin can merge the threads together, Red? I apologise for any inconvenience caused by my multi-threading....memory not what it used to be.
  16. Does anyone remembr the Naked Rambler doing the Land's End to John O'Groats walk with his girlfriend in 2005/6? They stayed at our house overnight on the last night of their walk. Here they are dressed for breakfast. After finishing breakfast they undressed and began their final leg of the journey. It was a very cold February morning in 2006 (Note the frost on the grass):
  17. Was this the world's worst cheese ever?
  18. This was a posh one....Toilet roll, not newspaper!
  19. Can you see them using these links, Col? Obviously, without a spore id it would be impossible to be certain as tot heir species. gomphidious glutinosus Entoloma serrulatum1 Entoloma serrulatum2
  20. The other day I transferred all my images off photobucket. I've fallen out with them over their new policy. I now use only Google photos and Canon Irista. Trouble is that the images from my Canon site seem to disappear from here after a few hours and I have no idea why?!
  21. Caught red-handed, Brew - or at least green or sapphire handed in my case.
  22. Garth! Now there's a blast from the past!
  23. On the subject of writing; I still use the contents of this packet occasionally. 50+yrs old and still works!
  24. Here are two bottles of ink from my desk drawer. I use a fountain pen for birthday and Xmas cards. Bottled ink keeps for an amazing length of time.