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    Grew up in Colwick. Went to St Johns 1955-60 and Chandos St 1960-65. Lived in Netherfield 1983-87

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  1. Hi I see you went to Chandos , what is your name as the photo on your profile looks like my class .

    Allan Smith . 

    1. wardy


      hi allan  brian ward ring a bell

    2. wardy
  2. great post nipper the only photo I have seen of st johns
  3. trevor shuttleworth used to give me a lift on his motor bike to work we worked at tagg elect must have been 1966 he had a brother david they moved to vale rd after the cottages were demolished
  4. hi piat I went to st johns 55 to 61 knew pete an tosh witham played footy an cricket with them pete was a sparky not seen them must be 40 yrs you go skating on the loop 62 63 happy days allright
  5. Home Ales domino's from The Starting Gate Pub. Over 30 years old!
  6. just been in maryboro for 3 months not a drop of rain arrived in Gatton today good storm rain all day
  7. maloneys delivered milk round cowlick susan an steven were my age used to play on the farm with them cant remember the horse did Francine live off douglas ave
  8. thanks for that never realised someone was killed at sprays
  9. any one remember the factorys in cowlick spray an burges lawrences George sands dad worked there Robert an Windsor supplied soap to the queen have memories of a plane crash in cowlick about 1957 58 just missed our school rumours of finding body parts for days it was all farmland till early 60 s malloneys farm many happy memories
  10. I have a Charles an di porcelain bells whisky bottle from 1981 don't know wether to drink it or sell it any offers
  11. sounds like you were there same time 61 till 65 my cousin pete biddulph had a few appearances on the stage also remember mr jones ben gunn Jennings still foxy was my final year teacher still have my school report not good reading
  12. worked with johnny miles on wimpey houses went to s africa in 74 with tagg had a great time we have lived in christchurch 25 years but spend most of the time in queensland now
  13. went to peoples 66 67 canal st an broad marsh annex worked for tagg an dave george great days