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  1. Enigma1st - I don't know any Julies, but my grandad had several brothers and parts of the family did scatter, proving difficult to track. Banjo48 - I wouldn't say Nana and Grandad were well off, but in the 60s if it was one of our Bradshaw girls it may have been Sandra or Angela.
  2. When I was a kid (which I suppose isn't that long ago) my dad used to meet my grandad for a pint, but my brother and I were NOT allowed inside - we had to sit at the outdoor tables or play in a play area. If we wanted to speak to them, we had to stand in the doorway to the bar area and try to get their attention. I was told it was the law, but I suspect my dad knew we wouldn't question it!
  3. Anyone remember any of the Bradshaw family? They were in Bulwell from at least the early 1900s to the 1960s, if not a little later. Some may still have been there until the 90s.
  4. This one's mine
  5. Oh god... faulty valve on a radiator = raining in our new house Two ruined carpets, one ceiling perhaps damaged... one expense we didn't need! Any advice gratefully received.
  6. Well, this house has turned out to be quite the project, so I'm blogging about it. Feel free to read and comment, since we have NO experience whatsoever...
  7. Here we go - same link as before: Many, many new images on there, courtesy of my parents. Menus, management documents, newspaper articles... the lot.
  8. That's fab - may I pinch the image with the Berni Inn mention on it, and add it to the retronaut capsule? Will credit you if you tell me how you'd like to be known?
  9. We have a Tassimo machine - was about £50 when we got it in a sale, and it does the job fine for us It's our little luxury! The only coffee pods you can get around our way are Tassimo, so that suits us well enough.
  10. No worries - I think you would have been a year-group or two out.
  11. Thanks - you never know where the links lie!
  12. He doesn't - he's pretty tech-savvy for an 86 year old, but I don't think he'd be too fussed about forums.
  13. I can find out more when I visit him later in the year. I think he retired in the late 70s, early 80s. Beeston Fire Stn lads used to let him kip on the pool table in the stn on the night beats occasionally - scared the bejeezus out of a whole watch of them when he sat up under the sheet one night as they all came in from a call.
  14. Altoids Sours! Honestly, you lot