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  1. Hi Blondie I am no longer a member of this site but my Brother Pete married Diane, she is dead now, been dead about 3 years. She died exactly of what her Mother died of "Peggy" Brain cancer. They all took after her mother, a bit wappy or at least those i met did especially "John". Cheers Tony.
  2. Hi ya Blondie. Alf Foster was my brothers Father in law.
  3. TonyW

    Bye all

    Well I am popular aren't i?. For your information all you busy bodies i have contributed, i posted that i was ill for several months, i am not bothering going to look for the post. If this is the kind of welcome back i can expect I'm better off leaving. Your like a load of old women nattering over the garden fence, and i have got better things to with my life than be a member of a (I did want to use a stronger word here) forum like this. Well i'm leaving now, and the reason i haven't contributed more is for the reason i stated above. Goodbye.
  4. Started Work at Moorgreen Pit at easter 1969, my first wage was £6.6shillings a week. 16 weeks training then i went to Babbinton colliery. I have had a few jobs over the years but i always went back to the pit untill they shut. About 25 years in all, and i miss my old mates, and iften dream about the Pit.
  5. I have lived in Newbury Berkshire for just over 5 years. I married a Newbury Gal which i met on the internet. I have always had the wanderlust, and when we got offered this Flat in Newbury I, and the Mrs jumped at the chance. I couldn't wait to get out of Nottingham, it's not the same city i grew up in. I lived in Bulwell when we moved, and i was sick of all the Chavs hanging about on the streets.
  6. Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't it Show "Albert Finney" running down "Derby Road" after a bus?.
  7. I came to Broxter in 1967, and went to John Player School until 1969 when i started down Babbington Colliery. I left Broxter in 1972 or there abouts but i made some good friends up there. i was pals with an Irish lad "Tony Culligan" who use to go to John player. memories hey?.
  8. Cheers Michael Booth good to be back.
  9. I'm glad that i have had such a response to my post
  10. Major Oak at Sherwood forest?.
  11. "And now for something completey different". Monty Pythons Flying Circus. Great programme.
  12. Thank you Loppylugs
  13. Paulus i knew all of the families you mentioned. I lived just round the corner from the Pritchetts, in fact Paul was a good mate of mine born on the same, and same year. I went to school with the Whitby's. I knew the Wilkinsons they used to live on Woodfield Rd, Barry Wilkinson was a mate of my eldest brother Pete. I use to live on Frinton at 171 opposite the Wilsons. I have the same surname of Wilkinson hence the "W". Small world innit. . Bomber Wells was a good mate of mine too.
  14. Hello Paulus. I was "Brung up" LOL on Edwin Street No 60 near the top of the street on the left hand side. I lived in the Old St anns from the years of 1955 to 1969 then i left for Broxtowe. More to follow. Thank you for the welcome back.
  15. Hello Piggy & Babs thank you for the welcome.