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  1. 78John Minns, Val Jayakoddy and 76 others 24 Comments Like Comment
  2. Dont think dongles are licensed to pc's you can use the dongle with any pc/laptop hence the term moblie internet, you might mean the sim card being locked/licensed to the dongle
  3. Thanks for the welcome, I dont know the name but will ask the rest of my family
  4. Think the soul scene as moved on from when this was shot even though it's a very good program
  5. Yes this was a tradition of my late father aswell I'll have a word with my mother to see where the tradition came from
  6. Hi all, reading all the messages on this forum as evoked a lot of childhood memories for me, I was born on Faraday road (number 130) just opposite from the Raleigh social club, looking foward to reading the forum as people add more storys