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  1. I wonder if he still believes in miracles, RIP a great talent.
  2. When did the Stoke Bardolph Ferry finish and does anyone know why? I lived at Stoke Bardolph in the early 60s but don't recall seeing it. My stepfather told me horrendous tales about using the ferry late at night after a drinking session.
  3. An early memory was going to Butcher Boy'ds in Netherfield for dental treatment. That was an experience. I believe he got struck off.
  4. I caught a Salmon in the Trent about 3 years back and I know others have been caught since. Mine was a grilse weighing 6lbs 2ozs.
  5. My stepfather used to eat pigs trotters, tripe, cod roe etc. As a southern softie I couldn't stand it. Couldn't used to people eating brad and butter with an apple either. Strange how things vary throughout the country.
  6. I was born in Middlesex and as a child used to catch the bus to Harrow on the Hill to train spot and saw many magnificent engines. Later we moved to Stoke Bardolph where I could hear the shunting yards at Colwick. Happy days.
  7. She certainly wasn't a lady to hug the lime light. RIP.
  8. The Spanish authorities are being tight lipped about this but they did say it was not mechanical failure.
  9. The closure will be a pain for rail users but I don't see how else they can do it.
  10. Well done to him but thank goodness it's over. Ashes time.
  11. How many Australians originated from the UK in the first place?