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  1. It will be great if you can find somewhere to park the car park is full most of the time that’s before M&S and Tk maxx opens.
  2. I was there 67/68 Building worked for Appledy & Sons Castle Boulevard.
  3. York is a good one will be going there this year.
  4. There was Kings around where the Nottingham Post is now. TMS on Carlton rd i think it is still there. Dawsons in Netherfield. Must be some more.
  5. Hi as anyone got any old maps of New Lenton around 1854.
  6. Yes its possible George Charworth-Muster was on the Beagle with Darwin. I have got a lot of information on Annesley Hall and Colwick Hall some of ancestors did work for Jack Muster back in the 1800.
  7. The cottagers on Station rd there were 4 in-between the tel exchange and a Billiard room.
  8. Hi Bubblewrap thank you that would be great just across the road from the Post Office.
  9. Hi mgread1200 William Clay Headstone is in St Paul's Churchyard on the right as you go in the gates.
  10. Thanks for your information mgread1200 yes Samuel and Alice Clay Are Williams parents Alice was a Kirk an old Carlton family. Many years ago I was doing some work for Carlton Council In the old graveyard moving some old gravestone that had fell over and removing some of the bones that had surface. That is when I came across Williams Clays grave it as interested Ever since Carlton must have been a very small place back in 1864 What made William go to fight in the American Civil War William fell on the 3rd of June 1864. There was a battle on the day at Cold Harbour. The Clay family must ha
  11. Hi as any one got any old maps or photos of Station rd looking for some old cottages were i was born ( pulled down around 1958)
  12. Hi there as any one out there got any information on a William Clay is grave was in the old Carlton Cemetery. Now under Tesco is headstone is now in St Paul’s Church yard. He fell on a battlefield in The American Civil War On 3rd June 1864.