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  1. What about the Ginger Tom Colwick Road near the railway crossing. Now flats
  2. Hi Rollinground The black Humber on Canarvon Street Netherfield was my dad Jack Moore. He hand painted that car to cover the rust to keep it together.
  3. What about Thomas Forman's Hucknall Road Nottingham Big Printers for John Players . Staffords backed onto Curson Street Netherfield Not Sure what type of Printing they did Hope you can get sme more info
  4. Hi Babs this is seaside walker I am in contact with your sister Kathy and Roy -would like to try and contact Steve Merrit I have got pictures of his Kit Car and would like to get in contact with him can you help me do you know his user name thanks

  5. Hi every one, I can remember the whale on a trailer I thought it was on the Arboretumon Waverley street I think they called it Joahna the giant whale and it did smell
  6. kozi kots is in Netherfield it's off Garnet Street (off Meadow Road)