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  1. I lived on Greylands from 71 - 93, my parents are still there. I knew this place well, used to play there with mates on the roofs etc. I went cubs there, I think it was the 56ers, I was a seconder and Simon the the sixer. (I think that was the we used to call it). There was a live in caretaker, he seemed about 7ft tall at the time I played there, very creepy, he played a trick on me and jason once, he somehow wormed his finger along a window sill making it look detached, we sh#t ourselves and legged it. In later years they built a building to the side and it was where we went boxing. It had big sheds attached and in one of them there was a really old tractor and we found in another one a printing press with fake notes..... once we found a human skull, took it to mr Kicks who lived on Greylands as he was some kind of ambulance man, he said it was real and took it off us. This is our chant from school. we are the Glenbrook kids we fight with dustbin lids we knock'm out with Brussel sprouts cus we are the Glenbrook kids
  2. I was at Glaisdale from 82 - 87 and was in the Wollaton house. Would love to share some memories.
  3. Hi if you knew me get intouch. I went to Glaisdale from 82 to 87. You may know me from my Escort mk2 which was red, a proper boy racer. Would love to share memories and pics from the good old days.