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  1. Many years ago my girlfriend used to live on Charlbury Rd and when we had been out and I had taken her home i used to get the last trolleybus from Middleton blvd back into town. This went into town enroute to Parliament st depot. I got off at the news theatre (this stop was known as the turkish baths) I llived at the time off Woodborough rd.
  2. A little research reveals the following. The Catchems Corner pub is at the corner of Mandalay Street There are Catchems Corners in Birmingham and Wolverhampton. The name seems to indicate former sites of Tollgates in the Turnpike era, perhaps the clue is in the name Catchems. All the sites seem to be Pubs. Regarding Mandalay street, the route Radford Rd, Vernon Rd, Highbury Rd used to be the A611, but has now been downgraded to a B road. The A611 now uses Hucknall Road etc. Probably the Vernon Road used be the route of a Turnpike before the coming of the Railway, probably to Hucknall an
  3. Please see my note under the forum for Nottingham Bus Routes 1940s re Catchems corner. Was there a pub called Catchems corner? and where exactly was it? Hopefully
  4. I have never heard of the Northern Bridge being called Catchems Corner. My sister lived on the Highbury Vale Estate from 1938 to 1955, and between those dates we travelled by Trolley bus from Mansfield Rd to Nottingham Rd, then transferred to the 43 for the rest of the way. Going off at a tangent, In my neck of the woods just outside Stoke-on-Trent there is a Catchems Corner at the point where the modern A50 turns from the old Line of the Roman Road from Derby. Who or what was Catchem? And why should he have a corner? Perhaps its a generic name for certain points of the map. Are there any m
  5. As a postscript to the above, I managed to buy a copy of the Godfrey map mentioned above by Cliff Ton, this is a reprint ot a 1913 OS map and it covers and shows most of what I was after. Thanks for all the attention to my quest. Best Wishes
  6. Didn't think there were any wires up or down Market Street.
  7. On the subject of the 43 trolleybus turning for Trent bridge, I thought from memory that the 44 going towards Colwick went down parliament Street not through the Market Square. The point about the handles on the standards for changing the wires over, I remember the conductors having to get off and hold the handle down for the driver to pass to the other route. In later days I think they made the routing at junctions semi-automatic, with a senser pad just before the junction, and the driver having to drive over it with power on or off according to where they were going. Don't know when the
  8. Hi Everybody, Thanks for the information above, it ties in with other info that I have. I didn't want to cause a lot of trouble. I was looking for a plan of Bulwell around say 1890- 1900, which would suit my purpose very well. Thanks again for all the interest. Best Wishes Keep on Nottstalgianing
  9. Thanks GIGA, Various addresses from 1851 Census to 1911 Census. Old yard Buildings Brocklehurst Yard Quarry Road Forest Side Birkland Street Lime Street Thames Street Coventry Road Newstead Street Hope you can help WAB
  10. All very interesting, but not a map of the centre of bulwell to be seen. I am trying to find a plan of Bulwell at about 1900. My relatives lived in Bulwell in the late 19th century/early 20th, and I would like to see where they lived. Can anyone help? Thanks
  11. The lady at the airport checkin desk when asked for her busbands passport replies "isgorrizzenweim" Thought you'd like to know that. Sorry
  12. Regarding Lewis Street and those streets off Alfred St Central, that's where the bombs were dropped in 1941. Rather a long time ago.
  13. In the dim and distant past used to go in the Fords shop on Middleton Boulevard, principally bought stationery etc. Wonder who's got that shop now?
  14. In my day Blue Bell Hill School was on the corner of Pym Street and Blue Bell Hill, and on the other corner was the Primitive Methodist Chapel, where I went to Sunday School in the late 1930s. Long before the area was demolished.
  15. In the early 50s travelled regularly on the 39 trolleybus. Went from the stop outside the Elite cinema on Parliament Street, Derby Road, Ilkeston Rd, to the terminus at the shops at the end of Middleton Boulevard. Return was the reverse of that.. Got off at what was still called the "Turkish Baths". It was really the News Theatre . I believe there really was turkish baths on that site at one time. Earlier had used the 36 from Mansfield Road ( incidentally what in another forum called Nottingham Road, was in my day Sherwood Rise, Nottingham road didnt start till the top of the hill)to the end