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  1. My dad flew RCAF 428 (Ghost) Squadron Halifax and Lancasters in WW11 out of Middleton ST George.
  2. Hope to take my 91 year old mother to Skegness for the day this June when in the UK for a week. She always likes to have a meal of Fish and Chips and a cup of tea at the coast.Same thing at Matlock when i do a run up to Monsal Head in Derbyshire.Some great restaurants in Matlock.
  3. Canadian "Tim Hortons' coffee shops are set to open in the UK,i think Nottingham area would be a great place to open a few of there coffee shops and maybe one in Bulwell.
  4. Used go to Don Juan cafe ,back room in 63/4 with my brother Randy .
  5. The workmans club on Albert Street in the early 60s would have occasionally have a local band play there called the Paladins who would play Shadows style guitar music,they were really good.
  6. Great video of trains in Bulwell,brought back lots of good memories.
  7. To qualify in ONTARIO for Medical,you have to be in the province for 6 months Loppylugs. My eldest daughter in California who is a American citizen pays $400 a month for insurance.
  8. Yesterday CONSUMER REPORT MAGAZINE released its 2016 vehicle reliability survey and Range Rover ranked at the bottom and then today the 2016 J.D.POWER Dependability Rankings were released and the LAND ROVER Brand received the lowest ratings.
  9. German style deflectors were experimentally fitted to 60049 Galtee More in October 1960.They were successful and in March 1961 authority was given for the A3 class to have them fitted as they passed through the works for repairs.
  10. Time Table for "Express Passenger" train services 17 th September 1956 to 16 th June 1957.
  11. As i recall in the mid 60s the "Master Cutler" was scheduled to leave Marylebone at 6.18 pm and arrive in Nottingham Vic at 9.1 pm (2 hours 43 mins) and Sheffield at 10.00 pm.Often with a "A3" in charge. Bulwell Common 9.10 .
  12. Very interesting Blog,but driving a DKW scooter in the 60s just not the way to go Sunshine.I knew most of the Scooters that is Vespas and Lambrettas in the Nottm area,but a DKW can not recall seeing one of them in Nottingham.
  13. I worked with a guy in the Oshawa GM car plant" Mike Moore" who were the last family to leave Langar actually Radcliffe on Trent in 1963.My dad flew with the RCAF Group 6 428 squadron in WW11 Lancasters.If i see him,i will ask him if he has any of them magazine's.
  14. We have rode "Amtrak" and "Via Canada" quite a few times.Last year we took the "California Zephyr" from Chicago to Sacramento to see the Kids. The Zephyr to me was like a Cruise Ship on rails and the upper Level Sightseer Lounge cars with wraparound Vista windows is the place to be when crossing the Sierra Nevada Mountains ,the Deserts ,my not be a high speed train but you're on a sightseeing Vacation.
  15. Last May we had the chance of 2 free weeks in a friends Condo in Florida.Wife said "no way' please any where but not Florida.So she went to see the kids in Northern California for 2 weeks and got a good deal on a flight to the UK and spend a few days in the Bulwell and had a great time.Then on a business trip to the UK in July spent a few days in Nottingham and took the tram to Bulwell for the the day to attend the Bulwell Historic Photo Lecture by Paul Turton at the new Library.
  16. Did this show in the wet summer of 2012 as I recall it was a bit of a washout, mainly British sport cars.
  17. Check on line "Pearsons of Liverpool" to see where some of the Americana and Canadian Military vehicles were assemblied in North West England from CKD Kits. One of my aunts was building Mosquito's in the Oshawa GM Plant back then.
  18. Sunny Cleethorpes for me in July at the Scooter Rally still love the East Coast.
  19. Since Trevor left the Limekiln I thought it was not as busy has it used to be.Both are great pubs in my book.
  20. Check out this new book Mods New Religion by Smiler Anderson as there are some great photos.
  21. http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z325/rgreid/rgreid026/austofest2013lakeviewpark1384.jpg?t=1403225779
  22. http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z325/rgreid/rgreid026/austofest2013lakeviewpark1384.jpg?t=1403225779