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  1. I am trying to see or even get hold of some old rail timetables for vic station, can anyone point me in the right direction, i have tried the normal channels on the web. thanks.
  2. i was originally from sneinton, taylor close near the top of boulo (sneinton blvd) and went to greenwood bilateral.
  3. hello giga no dont think so. i will check his profile.
  4. hello not forgetting wilsons printers who moved there from park row. i worked at both sites for about 12 months from 1964.
  5. According to gedling council (dated feb 2005) the line is earmarked for light rail and the pit site for masses of houses. i walked upto the tunnel which passes under mapperley top and you can walk in there so far, well worth a walk.
  6. i went to greenwood junior then onto the bilateral and left easter 1964, we used to live on taylor close off sneinton blvd. i now live in burton joyce.
  7. hello i left greenwood in 1964, our form teacher was mr harmer or harman. people i would like to contact are: david lowe, roger webb and any other former class mates.
  8. did you know brian hanks, he worked for naffi for years, sadly died a couple of years ago.
  9. hello this is beef from taylor close in sneinton circa 1955 to 1967. looking forward to hearing from past and long lost friends.