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  1. I remember Meadow Lane and the Stink from Bitterlings, My Aunt worked there, she said it didnt smell inside, but it sure made up for it outside. as a kid, my brother and I use to go to the cattle market to see the animals, and we always use to end up in the slaughter house and watch the cows being killed, Kids are so blood thirsty.
  2. Does anyone have any pics of TB school, or Cinemas back in the 50,s I left all my things behind when I came out to Australia
  3. You must all have been after me... I was at TB in the 50,s, then it was mixed class till senoirs and then it split into boys and girls. I use to be in the school track and field, we would walk to the Trent Pool Field for practice, and also we had our school sports day there. I also remember The Globe Pictures, I use to go with my brother for the "3 penny rush" on Saturdays, and later I did a lot of my "courting" there, also remember the Grove Pictures on Kirkwhite street. Ah those were the days, who was to know where we would end up... I miss the old days
  4. Hi, My name is Norma Kriebitzsch, but I use to be Norma Marriott. I was a pupil at Trent Bridge School, I left approx 1954. I now live in North Queensland, Australia... not far from the famous Alice Springs. my email address is: BELOW... write me anytime, love to hear from you... Regards... Norma :D mother_jane <at> hotmail dot--com
  5. Didnt you just love the TRIPE & COWHEEL with ONIONS ??? and I do so miss my Pork Pies !!