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  1. Have to mention Ron & Grace Cooper's transport cafe, just before the motorway bridge in Nuthall. Long gone but the sausage sarnies are not forgotten!!
  2. All, thanks very much for your help with this. The whole area was obviously cleared at some stage although Lord a Street and Roberts Street remain and seem to be the sme style as Harold Street and Harold a Place. Good going especially to a Cliff Ton! Thanks Nick
  3. Hi there everyone. We are trying to find a street / road / area called "Harold Hill"in Nottingham. We think it might have been somewhere in the region of Gordon Road or Peasehill Road in St Anne's but this is just a best guess. Any help would be appreciated. Nick
  4. It has re-opened, not sure when though. Took my Dad and Sons around it in January and was pleasantly suprised. Lots of room for improvement still though.
  5. Hi Faye. I work in Mansfield if that counts! Tell me that photo of yours is really you.......
  6. And the finest sausage meat sandwiches on the planet!
  7. Mick, I am related through my parents but not much contact since Ron and Grace's passing. Not sure what the lady in question is doing these days, etc. I think my folks bump into her every now and then though while cruising the supermarket aisles!
  8. Yes. Have not seen her for some years though. Did you know them?
  9. It is indeed Spring Terrace Mick. Grace and Ron are no longer with us, but they live on through great transport cafe food!
  10. No self respecting syphilis clinic would set up shop in that place! Fancy having TK Max as a neighbour when you are trying to treat VD!
  11. Ashley, the cafe on the A610 was run by Grace and Ron Cooper. It was highly popular and never more so than when the M1 was being built through Nuthall. The workers used to come down the embankments for a hearty breakfast. The sausage meat sandwiches were beyond fabulous!
  12. As I understand it, the gypsum waste is in fact "flue gas gypsum" which is a waste bye product of gas fired power stations. Ayupmeducks is correct in stating that British Gypsum tend to use everything they mine in the making of plasterboard and bagged plaster. Even scrapped production waste is recycled. BG also add flue gas gypsum (or DSG - "de-sulphurised gypsum") to their product so it may come to pass that the "Alps of Watnall" gets carted off to East Leake at some point to be turned into something useful!
  13. And we tell children off when they don't learn from previous mistakes.....