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  1. Pixie, Original Source Body wash is on offer in Wilko's - £1. Just stocked up on the lemon one although I also noticed that Poundland have them as well.
  2. I like them although He Indoors isn't keen and usually has to be sent away because he always manages to upset them. We mostly do our weekly shop at the big Tesco store in Mansfield and they have hand held scanners. You put your clubcard into a machine, a scanner is allocated and off you go, merrily scanning your own shopping and packing as you go. Saves time and effort when you have a trolley full. At the end of your shop, you plug the scanner into a till. it reads the contents and you go through the paying procedure as you normally would.
  3. I was facinated recently to see a piece on The One Show about how the bridge is being moved into place withe the help of a simple squirt of washing up liquid!
  4. Welcome Sheridan Hope you enjoy your visit. As for the changes, everytime I go out something or other seems to have changed but I guess that is the nature of all big cities. Most people don't appreciate what they have around them until it is gone, I certainly wish I had taken more notice of buildings etc when I was younger.
  5. The website drives me mad! Often you get 4 versions of the same story and as has already been said, the content is dire. Very little actual "news" there at all. Whoever had the idea for giving readers the option to comment on stories needs to be flogged in Market Square. The majority of comments are unreadable. Having said that, those idiots who enjoy baiting each other and generally being nasty are entertaining themselves rather than trolling on other websites. The printed version isn't much better either although I do enjoy Bygones. As for the BBC website and so called local news bulletins
  6. That is what the new smart cars remind me of!
  7. Mostly all done here. Its not the same though when all the presents on the childs list are easily sourced and easy to wrap. Gone are the days of trying to work out how to wrap a pram/scooter/theatre and having to keep a very large rocking horse hidden for a week. I will not miss prying the ridiculous packaging open though and fighting with glue. staples and ties.
  8. Thanks for that Catfan. We lived in Bulwell for a time and have passed the buiding frequently but never really given it much attention if that makes sense. We tend to pass through Bulwell now and again and it has changed so much in recent years. I was amazed to see on the forum that The Golden Ball was no more!
  9. We were recently talking about how the area has changed and my MIL mentioned this building {just along from where The Apollo stood until recently}. It is a nursery now but we wondered what the building originally was. It looks like it might have been a farm or similar but google didn't come up with any answers. Any ideas?
  10. I thought it was about time I said hello. We found the forum quite a while ago while looking for something else and both my husband and I have spent many an hour reading through the posts and have found lots to interest us both. You seem like a friendly enough crowd so I thought I would break cover and wave. Steph x