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  1. whas was her name, i lived next door babs lol
  2. When was that Map done cliffton? As i used to live at 35 west street and on that side of the road the original houses aren't there.
  3. Aye i know that as that used to be the site of a methodist church.
  4. Still an old corogated iron shelter off southcliffe road in carlton: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=Mt+Pleasant,+Carlton,+Nottingham,+Nottinghamshire+NG4+1EZ,+United+Kingdom&hl=en&ll=52.964538,-1.094813&spn=0.006811,0.01929&sll=53.128292,-0.231363&sspn=0.868488,2.469177&t=h&geocode=FQ4xKAMdP1jv_w&hnear=Mt+Pleasant,+Carlton,+Nottingham+NG4+1EZ,+United+Kingdom&z=16&layer=c&cbll=52.965307,-1.096096&panoid=QQlzsyjPofP50dL0mkA8HA&cbp=12,17.92,,1,8.11
  5. Heard a rumor quite a while back that the area around West Street, Furlong road and High street road was built upon an pre victorian cemetery, Just wondering how true this is or is it just a rumor? Lost cemeteries are nothing new. I remember hearing when they demolished the old Ice Stadium they found a forgotten WW1 cemetery in the car park next door.
  6. Margory emmigrated to New Zealand Loppylugs, died quite a few years ago now and bazalways im not sure if any of them kept wicket for carlton im afraid
  7. Just wondering, Is there any buildings long gone from the Nottingham streets that held memories for yourselves. For me, Its Godfrey House on Burton Road/Main Road, Carlton. An ancestor built it, A very grand house in its day, long gone now. Whats yours?
  8. I remember as a kid, everybody on a street new everybody. They all looked out for everyone elses kids, street parties for special occasion like VE Day in 1995 on Harrogate street in Netherfield, everybody talked. These days its gone away, all the neighbours have 6 ft high fences, havent got 5 minits to check in on the elderly widow 4 doors down or just pop round for a cuppa and a chat. I miss those days. Am i the only one who does?
  9. Yeah the original BRSA near Morrisons has or is going to be demolished quite soon, A KFC is going in its place, What a shame, The last building of Colwick Depot going forever. As for Anagas House, My dad used to work along side Dr Moorwood (if anyone remembers him) in the early 70's and he went inside the mortuary for years.
  10. Hiya guys, Ive got a photo i want to upload and ive forgotton how to do it, somebody gimme a hand with this? bowdown bowdown bowdown bowdown bowdown
  11. Really must recommend this book for us railway enthusiasts on here. It even says the the Great Central Railway originally wanted Nottingham Victoria station to be built where the royal center now stands across a viaduct that would of gone across the city. Very much like Sheffield Victoria. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-Railways-Nottinghamshire-Geoffrey-Kingscott/dp/1853068845
  12. I remember that one near city hospital, but i NEVER saw any trains running, not once and i used to be one of the volunteers at Sherwood forest railway.
  13. Yeah we moved up in December. Got a job at Golden Sands but only 15 hours a week for the summer...blargh....Need full time permanant in a decent job so i can save up and move back down to Nottingham. On the bright side, I had me breakfast sat on the steps near the outflow this morning, watching the tide go out and lapping around the 2 bottom steps.
  14. They were talking about doing this when i was in Year 7 at school in 1998......Would be ideal for the tram, or just reconnect the line at Netherfield junction, Make an excellent park and ride station
  15. Its not a detention centre, Its a medium secure psyciatric hospital now, I used to work there. Always wondered wheat the old building looked like.
  16. http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/user/jimmy87notts/media/demolition_zpsc9822a7b.jpg.html
  17. Just wondered if anyone can remember st pauls CofE on Main road, Carlton. I found this photo of it on a website 3 days before demolition.
  18. I can see my house on that 1914 map, well where the orginal one was.
  19. Got a definate move date, We will be moving on this comming Friday
  20. BBC were going on about what the babies title will be when born and its fairyly obvious really. It would be HRH Prince/Princess *First name* Of Cambridge as the children always take the title of the father hence Prince William and Prince Harry of wales, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York. Im pleased for them.
  21. It was very high at the sea cadet unit the other day, id upload a photo but i dont know how
  22. No i am after the name Freak as its so unusual lol
  23. My Great X 9 Grandmother was called Ellen freak, Born in 1612 in Gunthorpe. Wife of Robert Blatherwick 1610 - 1645. Has anybody else come across this last name before?