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  1. Brilliant photo's. If i could remember how to upload a photo, id put some more up myself
  2. Terrence's dad Nigel committed suicide in the mid 90's it was shortly after that we lost contact with his family.
  3. Another one of our cats has gone missing. Hope he comes home soon :(

  4. Sad to see the last row of arches of the GN Viaduct are in the process of being torn down. Why is it NCC always pull everything down instead of celebrating them?
  5. My granddads house on the corner of Colwick Road and Lyndhurst road, Sneinton took a direct hit from an incendiary the night of the big air raid. Lucky it didn't go off straight away. My great uncle who was on leave from the army got it into a bucket of sand and just got to the top of the stairs when it went off throwing him clean down the stairs
  6. Does anybody know how to search the Nottinghamshire Archives for : REF:DC/C/4/1/ BOX 4 5 & 6 and : REF DC/C/4/1 BOX 34 AND 35? Really stuggling how to find out.
  7. I know he had siblings but cant remember their names.
  8. He would proberly be in his late 20's/ early 30s by now
  9. Hiya everyone. Im trying to find Terrence Whitmore. His nickname was Teapot. Last I heard he was living on Criftin Road, Burton Joyce at the end of the 90's. His dads name was Nigel
  10. Road in between Mablethorpe and Skeggy called Jolly Common Lane
  11. They are all my Great-Great Aunties and uncles. Samuel William, who we knew as Billy, Was my great Grandad. I have pictures of Edgar in a hospital bed during the first world war. And Samuel, who we knew as Billy was my Great Grandad and yes he did marry Emily Phipps around 1900
  12. We flooded a bit last night just trickling from the promanade but i have NEVER seen a sea like that before. Trusthorpe had it bad. The surge pushing up the drainage channels into the town. Fair few homes and ground floor flats damaged.
  13. Hiya duck You might remember my grand parents Walter Peck and Joan Bennett and her parents Billy and Ethel. Billy was the local window cleaner I used to live in netherfield too on Harrogate Street
  14. The Co-op in Mablethorpe is hugely expensive and its mainly only used now by the older folk. It would be a massive shame if Co-Op did disappear from the high street though. My granny used to work for them in the 50's and 60's and my mum in the 90's
  15. More information, It is definitely set to hit Sunday night / Monday morning. now being called the St Judes Day storm. anything upto 95mph gusts. Due to hit Wales first then tracking in a near straight line.
  17. Dont know if anyone has heard but i storm of severe intensity is forming in the Atlantic and heading our way. Met office are saying it could be on pary with the storm of 1987 and the burns day storm of 1990. They are not yet sure of where it will strike directly all they can say is midlands and south. More than likly tracking from Cornwall in a straight line including over Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.
  18. My great uncle Ernest Peck died in Egypt in 1943. He was buried over there at the Heliopolis War Cemetery. What i want to know is, is there any way of having his name added to the church war memorials in Sneinton as hes not listed on either St Christophers or St Stephens.
  19. I remember reading somewhere that Mablethorpe and Skeggy were hit by stray bombers during the war dumping their payload before heading back to bases in france and germany. Anybody else know of this or a book that its in?
  20. Its almost asif our government want us to fail but loves to support other countries at its own people expence. Does my head it, It just doesnt make sense at all!!!
  21. I know they now want to get rid of the emmet waterclock.
  22. We let him out today, He had a quick wander around the driveway then came back and cuddled into my dad. Think he might have scared himself being out so long.
  23. He came back the early hours of sunday morning. 6 days we had been whistling and all it took was the sound of my brothers car engine. he ate 3 pouches of wet food & half a massive bowl of crunchies.
  24. Hiya guys, Didnt know where to put this one on the forum. My cat went missing 4 days ago, on my birthday no less, I'm very upset as i don't know where he is, where hes gone or if hes ok or if hes died alone somewhere. Done the usual, rang local council, RSPCA, PDSA, Local vets and cat rescues etc to no avail. One of the neighbours told me to give up finding him as the local foxes round here are apparently notorious for killing cats. Just wondering if anyone else has been through this and knows how upsetting it is and give me some support. Thanks
  25. I was 3/4 outside York Minster when i had a hornet fly into my ear and sting my eardrum and ear canal, Been petrified of them ever since. To the point where i will scream. Bear in mind im a 25 year old, 6'2" man bullt like a brick shitehouse.