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  1. yeah Robbie, Eric had a younger brother called steve and there was another even younger sibling but i cannot remember wether it was a boy or girl.Not seen eric for many years now and have no idea of his where abouts or health.Just remembering from a earlier thread that the club on glasshouse street above the white hart was known to us as 'the room at the top'
  2. A quick up date on the sorrows gig,we raised £900. We purchased 11 tv's for the ward and 2 bottles of wine plus a box of choclates as a thank you to all 30 staff.Many thanks all that came and supported 'parka's bar' on that fantastic night. It was great to see alot of original notts folk down there. Coming up in 2015 @ 'parka's bar' friday 20th feb. 'UNION GAP' Friday 17th April 'READY STEADY SIXTIES' Friday 19th june 'THE FOURMOST' You can find out more info at 'parkasbar nottingham' on facebook.
  3. Hello dave,you will have to come over next time your in the dog.If its the eric lambert i am thinking of he was in flemming house at fairham.I do now him very well he was a good mate when we were kids,went through primary (highbank) and fairham together.He originaly lived at the top of gardendale on clifton then moved to silverdale.
  4. great reading all these memories.I have been mod all my life.Originaly from clifton.Went down all the clubs that are mentioned,dungeon,beachcomber,room at the top on glasshouse street (white hart) santa fe in the meadows,the boat/union and the brit.Still run a sixties night at the brit every couple of month's.Have the 'union gap' on in febuary and 'the formost' in june.Still ride a lambretta for my sin's.Still mix with a lot of old orignals.Good to hear all the old stories.My name is Al Jukes if anyone out there remembers me.
  5. hi smiffy.yeah i know terry/chris donohue went to fairham as did i,they were in fleming,i was in hunt and les burton was in britton i believe.
  6. Hi ,just been reading the posts on this forum,i also went down the dungeon 1965,also at the ripe old age of 14 though i didn't look it.Managed to get in with the help of my older brother and a few mates.I see pete blood's name being mentioned,i dont know if any of you are aware that pete passed away a few weeks ago.I originaly came from clifton in the 60s mates with mick worthington (deceased) yassi donohue and her brother chris,les burton 'burt', michelle wellick who has sadly passed away also. I still ride and biuld scooters (never grown up).I also run a 60s night at the brit every couple o