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  1. I used some old two stroke fuel last year to light the garden burning bin but it went with a bit of a whoosh and left little smouldering heaps around the field so since then I put combustibles in a five gallon tub and take it to the disposers Rog
  2. It goes in with the waste oil and thinners can then down to Great Northern Terrace Lincoln recycle plant Phil Rog
  3. pour E10 petrol in a 3ltr clear bottle leaving room for some water,add a small cup full of clean water, put top on bottle and shake well, leave to stand for few hours ( I leave mine over night) you can then see the separation between water/ethanol and unleaded petrol, syphon off petrol, (I use a small 12 v pump and fuel proof tubing), syphon petrol into a clean can and safely dispose of water/ethanol mix, might sound a bit of a faff but there are far too many additives in petrol as it is without adding more In this photo you can see the separation Rog
  4. Asda shopping first thing this morning, thats one chore out of the way, nipped to the petrol station and filled the car plus put some in my fuel can for the mowers and strimmers and save a bit for the old Lister D stationary engine, started to remove the ethanol from the petrol in the can so just need to transfer the unleaded ethanol free petrol to the garden equipment fuel can tomorrow, might have a ride out on my bike tomorrow as well Rog
  5. If your'e not riding through mud or loose material why would you want knobblies, good move to swap them for semi slicks Oldphil, keep on riding Rog
  6. Cost a bit more than Mine Barrie, £320 wow, still best be safe than sorry mate Rog
  7. Came down there on my 1937 Hercules with drum brakes Phil, not one of my best ideas, put the brakes on halfway down and the bloody thing picked up speed, only just managed to get round the right hander at the bottom and I didn't have to pedal again till I got to where the old railway crossing was, phew Rog
  8. New semi slick tyres fitted today, a lot easier to pedal now, much better than the aggressive knobbly off road tyres not much point having mountain bike tyres out here, there's no mountains Rog
  9. Not mine mate , the first picture is at Ashby Magna vintage show, you can see my bikes at the back of the row, the other two pictures are at the Lineside vintage show near Boston, I was showing my bikes there but they aren't in the pictures Rog
  10. Marking his territory Jill,, it's that time of year On the bird feeder Rog
  11. On the bird feeder yesterday Blackcap Rog
  12. When I post a picture from post image I click on the "Hotlinks for forums" then right click on it to copy then when back on nottstalgia just right click and paste, hope this helps, I saw your picture of the Mustang, much better chainset on that than what they put on the later versions, hang on to it, give it a good clean and oiling and ride it Rog
  13. My pictures but not my models, the place was packed could hardly move around, the transfer seller was doing brisk business, you couldn't get near his tables, the others were very busy too with quite a few models being sold a lot of them in the 8-10 pound each bracket, I didn't buy anything myself and I contact the transfer seller direct with any orders I need Rog
  14. Old phil, the Raleigh Nitro was a half decent bike, mild steel frame frame with lower end Shimano components, it was a 1990's bike and I welded many back ends on them, the frames were the same for many of the 90's bikes with mild steel frames just different paint schemes and a few minor changes to the component specs, Trogg, the Mustang was a heavy bike I think that was Raleigh's attempt at the mountain bike market as was the Raleigh Bomber but the least said about that the better Rog
  15. As you can see from this picture it does have mudguard or rather did, I took them off because they look stupid, as for Mrs plantfit,,,,,,sshh, she don't know about this one yet ha ha ha Rog
  16. The verges alongside the A1 between Markham and Newark are full of litter and not just near the layby litter bins, the full length of the verge, looks an absolute mess Rog
  17. The Raleigh Activator 2 restoration project is now finished, all stripped down greased and oiled and rebuilt, I changed the front forks because original Raleigh ones were rubbish even on new Activators they never worked proper, anyway I got these new old stock forks (pink in colour) stripped and cleaned inside then greased, sprayed two coats of grey primer on the main legs followed by two coats of "quick silver" paint followed by two coats of clear lacquer, changed the front brake to a "V" brake instead of the original cantilever brake (originals very poor even when new) all I got to do now i
  18. Great time at the Codnor sports club yesterday to see the model bus show, some great models on display nearly all putting mine to shame 1/50 scale Barton coaches and buses 1/76 scale South Notts 1/16 scale tram (working) 1/76 scale town scene Rog
  19. Don't see many pavement cycles being ridden these days but I managed a go on one when I was in North Wales Rog
  20. This might be of interest to some of you, I'll try to get there after going to the Codnor model bus exhibition tomorrow, depending on the time Rog
  21. This one is Cobra Warrior 23 Rog
  22. I get them all the time Jill, Waddington is only up the hill from where I live, you do get used to them,,,,,,,eventually Rog