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    There was a program on Notts TV earlier today and one of the questions was "are students an asset or a burden to Nottingham? what are your thoughts if any Rog
  2. plantfit


    I hear on the news yesterday that some schools are encouraging the children to wear "white peace poppy's" as opposed to the red rememberance poppy's we are used to, any comments? please keep them sensible Rog
  3. Hi all, Anyone at this school between 1964 & 1969?
  4. I notice there are no posts on the girls schools at Clifton apart from Clifton hall, did any of you ladies attend either Farnborough or Charnwood in the 60's/70's? Rog
  5. plantfit


    Reading about our Ben and sheds I thought it would be an idea to have a seperate topic related to sheds,don't think one has been done before but sorry if it has, anyroad, what do you get upto in the shed,(ladies and gents) is your shed a worshop,a place to relax and put your feet up, a place to escape the rigours of life or is it just a wooden building in your garden where you keep spiders and other creepy crawlies? Here's a project I got upto in the summer while I was waiting for some spare parts for another project, this is an old Sufflok iron foundary engine as found on Qualcast and similar lawnmowers, it had not worked for years so I took it all to pieces as us men do, cleaned it up, painted it and re built it, mounted it on a nice piece of varnished wood, put some petrol in the tank and it fired up, a lovely little toy and all the work done in my shed (which is a tip by the way) Rog
  6. plantfit

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    This is how Notts folk see people who are less fortunate than ourselves is it? you should be ashamed of yourselves for even thinking such comments,some of these people are ill,some are victims of drug pushers and some have just fallen on hard times, have any of you got any idea what it;s like to be homeless, see no future for yourselves, be exploited by drug pushers,pimps and the like,if these are the sort of comments that are allowed on these pages then I want nothing to do with it,what an advert for humanity in Nottingham,every time you walk passed these poor people, hang your head in shame but thank your lucky stars you are not in that same situation Rog Rog
  7. plantfit

    Empire Theatre

    I wonder why my post after phil's has been removed, all I put was that picture had been posted before Rog
  8. plantfit

    How's your day?

    Congratulations Melissa, I looked on their website, they have some tempting treats on there,Hopefully Carni will be along to give an expert opinion on them, good luck in the new job Rog
  9. plantfit

    leaves on line again!

    It all costs money Albert and the more the bosses spend on loco's and rolling stock the less they get to put in the coffers and that wouldn't please the shareholders, I should imagine with all of todays technology it would be a simple enough task to link in some sort of line clearing device on the loco as you suggest, once the wheel starts slipping a sensor would activate the device, a bit similar to traction control on motor cars Rog
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    Photos to cheer us up

    Some cracking photo's there Compo, worth making a seasonal calendar out of some Rog
  11. plantfit

    From the Castle.....

    Knew it were sommat like that TBI Rog
  12. plantfit

    From the Castle.....

    Quite true TBI, I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said "Don't believe everything you see and hear on the telly" Rog
  13. plantfit

    Our Pets.

    Not sure if it's a mule or not Katy, I thought it might have been a "Hinney" stallion horse bred with a female donkey, A "Jenny" is the other way round,Female horse bred with a male donkey, it does look a fine animal though Rog
  14. plantfit

    Seagull Outboards

    Just after I took this picture I had to use the wash wipe because the little so and so did a poop up the window Rog
  15. plantfit

    Summer Holidays and Photos

    Now they're draped in a rainbow flag Rog
  16. plantfit

    Odd angle:

    Could it be one of your socks on the washing line with the sun behind it? Rog
  17. plantfit

    Summer Holidays and Photos

    The yanks are taking over Katy Rog
  18. plantfit

    From the Castle.....

    Been there many times, my uncle worked there as some sort of foreman with the curators,in those days, early 60's, it cost 1 old penny to go in through the turnstyle,that was operated by a foot lever inside the little building, whenever I went there with a friend my uncle would give us a tour of the castle where members of the public never went, I remember on one occasion going on the roof of the castle,that was an experience,at the time I think the top of the flag pole was the highest point in Nottingham Rog
  19. plantfit

    Life's mysteries.

    Who are THEY Katy? Rog
  20. plantfit

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    They come in later episodes after the Ikea furniture has fallen to bits Rog
  21. plantfit

    Life's mysteries.

    Would you need an anaesthetic to eat a Haggis, love Scotland and it's people but they can have some strange ideas,I suppose we do to them Rog
  22. plantfit

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    She's from Yorkshire thou knows Rog
  23. Took a ride up to Waddington this morning,not that far from home but a good hill to climb on my way up there, took this pic of my trike (the jolly Roger) in front of the Falklands war famous Vulcan XM 507. This one half way down Waddington village hill, overlooking Lincolnshire towards Newark and in the far distance Nottinghamshire. Nearly back home now, Aubourn Church about 4 miles to go and the sausage cob I promised myself Hope you enjoy Rog
  24. plantfit

    My Bike rides

    Nice ride today, weather a bit chilly to start with but soon warmed up, met my triking buddy in Bassingham and we set off towards Boothby Graffoe, (For the benefit of Margie who I know likes to follow maps)setting off from Bassingham heading south along Carlton lane for a short distance turn left onto Brick kiln lane until turning left again onto Navenby lane to the end T junction,left onto Broughton lane (pronounced Brooton lane) take second right on unmarked road passed Somerton castle,stayed on this lane (castle lane) for about three miles going over the old Grantham to Lincoln railway bridge,this is where I started to slow down because of breathing problems but I kept goung albeit slowly, the next struggle was the actual hill upto Boothby Graffoe,now I did struggle up there and I must have stopped about four times to get my breath back finally getting into the village,stopped there for a drink of water before setting off again along the busy A607 Grantham road until arriving in Navenby, decided here to stop at the Cottage tea rooms for a coffee, trikes parked up and ordered a toasted teacake and a coffee, my triking buddy decided to go the whole hog and have a Brie and bacon toasted sandwich and a cup of tea, very nice place if you are ever in the area, Back on the trikes for the final push home and it was across the A607 to Church lane, this is a steep hill with a couple of sharp bends on the way down so had to be careful not to roll the trike, great fun going down and that made up for the struggle to get up the hill to Boothby Graffoe, in no time at all we had gone over the railway bridge there and now heading for Broughton road again this time getting onto Hopyard lane then turn right back onto Navenby lane,about a mile down there we took a right turn onto Chapel Nook lane and followed this to Pasture lane passed Bassingham fen,left onto Linga Lane and back into Bassingham,Jeremy my triking buddy cut off there to go home and I carried on to Carlton, great ride and really pleased to have climbed one of the few hills in Lincolnshire (well our part anyway). Couple of pics of the day, bottom of Castle road hill Boothby Graffoe (steeper than it looks) and Cottage tea rooms Navenby Not sure how many miles but we were gone for two and half hours including a tearoom stop Rog
  25. plantfit

    Life's mysteries.

    Why would you want more than one???????????? Rog