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  1. Perhaps a bit of a long shot, but I know a few members are former pupils of Chandos St School for Boys, and am wondering if anyone may have known, or remember Alan Brown,from the mid 50s. Lived on Conway Rd and played football for Chandos Old Boys. Sadly Alan passed away last week and the funeral is 25th Feb 2-45 At Bramcote Crem.
  2. Any "Comedy" starring Adam Sandler, an oxymoron if ever there was one.
  3. Cat...." Hate this food" Me.." Have this instead" Cat..." LOVE IT" Me... "Same bowl, I moved it" Cat... "I am fire & the wind. Do not try to know me"
  4. Although its not particularly early, if you're in Mablethorpe and fancy a pint at 8:30am then The Book is the place to go, @£1:50 a pint, but rising to £2 at 11am
  5. Who never lusted over Jane Fonda in Barbarella
  6. I have to agree with basfordred, #20, my best Spanish, Tu tener sin cojones
  7. Hot off the press from Mabo, 120 new houses being built at the top of Golf Road, also new pub, petrol station and Tescos, guess which one has pulled out.
  8. No snow here in Mabo, just a little light ale Hail
  9. Many thanks for your Birthday greetings, I enjoyed a few drinks in the Louth Hotel with the seaside walker, ( 4pints £8 or 5 house doubles £10). We both hope to be in Nottingham for one of the meet ups in the New Year, and look forward to meeting some of you.
  10. Never, never ever use the politicians girly sip, we've all seen then in a pub used by 'ordinary people', looks like they're being forced to drink poison
  11. Casablanca," of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the World, she walks into mine" Sam being told to play it The Marseilles being sung, drowning out the nasty Germans Just a brilliant film
  12. I enjoyed the recent rerun of The Likely Lads, I think a bit of us all in there somewhere.
  13. I shall be in The Louth Hotel in Mabo, front seat with my 4 vouchers bought for £8, each one worth a pint, two pints each half, oh, and I've a large G & T voucher left over from Fridays session with The Seaside walker, Its going to be a good day.
  14. Did anyone else ever wear a Gansey?
  15. Didn't parents ask the most stupid questions, "do you want a good hiding", oh yes please Mam.
  16. If you can make it out, I'm far left, usher at cousins wedding, early 60s, Gedling Church.
  17. Where are you going our Dad, " to see a man about a dog"
  18. Man Hugs!! whats all that about, whatever happened to the manly handshake?
  19. In the late 60s I worked in Clacton and was seeing a girl named Sandra, her Dad of course called her Sarndra, it did irritate me. The Dad and myself got on ok til I started calling him Terd. End of romance.
  20. I've not long finished writing a "proper" letter to an old friend when my thoughts turned to my courting days, especially the long distant courting, i.e. 4/5 miles, seeing each other only at weekends but with letters in between in our best joined up writing. The letter duly stamped and ready for posting, who never put little initials on the back of the envelope. s.w.a.l.k b.o.l.t.o.p, or even the rather racy b.u.r.m.a, perhaps a few more may come to light.
  21. I remember watching Zulu in 1965, just before going through the Panama Canal on our way to New Zealand we had exchanged films with another ship and thats what we got. The screen was a sheet of canvas rigged between two derricks, the stalls, the aft deck, the millions of stars on a velvet backdrop the lighting, just the gentle noise of the sea, oh, and the sound of a train in the distance.
  22. A couple more from my Gran You'll never see a dead donkey, or a farmer on a bike
  23. One of my Grans favourites, theres nowt so queer as folk. can you still say the q word?
  24. I was often told to stop shilly shallying
  25. I never really took to Jackies, was always a Fox & Hounds man