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  1. Hi Mick2me sorry no known aquaintance named Peter Goode
  2. After mincing the meat we had to put some crusts through it to clean it out.
  3. We heard the siren from Staffords Printing on Forester Street Netherfield. We always new when it was dinner time, and knocking off time.
  4. Hi, Arnot Park is on the 15th and 16th of June as we will be at their craft fair. Floralands Garden Centre is nice for all ages, there is a farm park, craft cabins, and a cafe. Not sure if you have to pay to go in the farm park, but they do have a web site,
  5. Babs moving away from flower festivals and back to grasstrack racing HaHa there is a race meeting at Oxton on Sunday 27th May. details on http://www.nottinghamautograssclub.co.uk/
  6. Used to be 5862 then they added 20 as a prefix so then had to remember 205862 when we went to the coop at the junction of Coningswath and Cavendish Roads where J G Rolls was (is?)
  7. When we first got married in 1971 we lived in the ground floor flat at 38 Meadow Road which is on the opposite corner to what is now Marshalls electricians. The rent was 28/- (£1.40) per week. Upstairs lived Sam an ex wrestler who made Big Daddy look like a lightweight, or maybe thats the passage of time affecting the memory. Several trips to the old railway yard in our minivan scavenging for the coal that had fallen off the wagons in previous years meant that our coal bill for the year we were there was minimal.
  8. Frank Rowley and Stan Alison, were in my class at Ashwell Street, still see them around. My mum was a dinner lady in the Infant school, so she was off work when it was school holidays. Higginbothams faggots , yummy yummy we always offered to fetch them, and have a crafty helping out the jug on the way home. I can remember the Co-Op bakery shop, and shoe shop, and the doctors, where the Co-Op sumpermarket is now on Victoria Road. Just round the corner at the top of Chandos street was a sweet shop, we used to meet dad on pay day, and he would buy us a few sweets of our own choice. Opposite was
  9. My eyes are getting bad missed an L out (HIL)ary and (DA)ve = HILDA
  10. Hi Babs yes it us (HI)ary & (DA)ve = HILDA
  11. Budds was the nearest peashooter stockist! There used to be a skittle alley at the back of the Windsor and the local pigeon club used to meet there on a Friday night, George Browns dad Tom used to collect the baskets of pigeons and take them to Victoria railway station in his van to join the what seemed like thousands of other pigeons on their way to start their long flights home. I went with him once to take the Carlton clubs birds to Harrogate to be liberated, bet the pigeons got home first. Used to see one chap who lived up Coningswath Road walking down to the Windsor with his wooden box
  12. I went to St Pauls '55 to '60 Mr Richards Headmaster Miss Eaton, Miss Johnson and Mrs Burley were three of the teachers I recall, Mrs Burley lived on Cavendish Road between Buxton and Cromford Avenues. Mrs Burleys husband Ivan was transport manager at Trent Concrete I believe. Rex Robinsons was called Genders when me mam bought me my first bike. There was Knightons double fronted shop next to the Windsor who sold wallpapers and pots and pans. Hannams was on the corner of Gladstone Street and Carlton Hill and could have been the inspiration for the 2 ronnies fork handles sketch, you could ev
  13. There was a couple named Bennett who lived on Harrogate Street when we first got married in 1971 and lived in a flat at the corner of Meadow Road and Harrogate Street. I think that he had been or was a window cleaner and his wife worked with my wifes mother at outside catering events for the Corner House Cafe. Nice couple always pleasant.
  14. New to this forum and started thinking back to when I started Grasstrack car racing in 1972 at Langar next to the John Deere site. Sue Wright was chairwoman, Mick Wright who raced a mini was from AV Cars on Meadow Lane. Mick Parnham and Mick Kirk, M K sadly no longer with us, who raced Anglias lived on Vale Road at Colwick. Tom Carter was the regular race starter. Graham Rowlands from Mapperley who worked for Mertrux raced Jags. Mick and Sandra Healey from Mapperley with a mini. John Strong from Carlton with a Moggy 1000 I think. My brother Alan Goode with his VW, I had an Anglia estate.
  15. Hi, yes I lived next door to George Brown and 3 doors up from Marina and Rita Hand. My name is Dave Goode and I survived Kaths canteen food at Darnells. You lived just about three houses away from my uncle George Hill I think. Never passed my test on a bike back then, had a tiger cub and a 650 AJS with a double adult sidecar. Just about to retire so have done my CBT and theory test and bought a little Yamaha to play on and hopefully pass my test so I can get something like an old Triumph 350 twin to potter about on. I have been driving buses for the past 8 years and they are a lot less sc