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  1. It was the Victoria Ballroom Later the Locarno
  2. Empress or the Dale Cinema or the Rio
  3. Ed [i,m a union man ] Milibland and all the other champagne socalists
  4. He's lasted longer than yours and he will be there when McCleish has gone maybe in 2 weeks when the sheep hammer you again
  5. Tony B liar Gordon Broon Ed [balls up] Balls for the destruction of the British economy. Previous Labour Governments and Arthur Scargill for the demise of the coal industry
  6. I've seen a few flare ups in the Locarno in the late 50s and they were gang related,Meadows and St Annes
  7. Clifton and Ruddington lads,usually kicked off at Ruddington Wakes every year in the late 50s
  8. Started going there when it reopened in about 1963/64 Ken Adams was captain with riders like Charlie Monk and Bluey Scott we then followed them to Leicester when they moved the whole team there. Stock cars should never be allowed on speedway tracks they ruined Long Eaton and Leicester
  9. Hi Michael, Yes my husband went down the Locarno and also the Bohemian after for a coffee.
  10. Hi Michael My hubbie was a big friend of Brian and Mick Cupitt and Joey Martin also the 2 Pownall sons
  11. Was'nt it also called the Greyfriars before the Astoria?
  12. I lived in Clifton from 1954 and you could only use coke not coal