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  1. Dodie

    Keep One Drop One

    District nurse.
  2. Katy, have you your shoes on the wrong feet.
  3. Dodie

    Highbury infants/junior school

    It is indeed, long time no see.
  4. Dodie

    Highbury infants/junior school

    Hi Cuz, how are you.
  5. Dodie

    How's your day?

    All changed here from this morning.
  6. Dodie

    How's your day?

    I too was sent to Sandersons, the one on Wilford Road beside the Magna pub for a pound of white and 1/2 a pound of dark. Dark was eaten raw for tea like Carni, the rest with onions next day with mash and mushy peas, not forgetting the HP sauce. I never tried it just the white sauce on my mash and peas.
  7. Dodie

    Bring back any memories?

    I used to like the yellow kali.
  8. Dodie

    Where is This?

    I had my hair cut in Junes as a child.
  9. Dodie

    The Old Market Square

    I think the green un was a sheffield paper.
  10. Dodie

    Buses in Nottingham

    I remember the compound on the corner of Manvers and Pennyfoot street being erected. After the workmen left local kids all flocked to it as the gates were up but no wire fencing on them and they made a great swing. I was about 4 year old at the time but couldn't get a swing as I couldn't reach the bar to hold on. Somehow or other my right thumb got squashed in the gate as it swung to. Split it to the first knuckle, luckily a neighbour was just getting off the bus took me home and got her Dad who was the Landlord of the Poplar Tree at that time to take me to the General Hospital in his car. (He later moved to the Ferry Boat in Wilford). Pleased to say thumb still works 70 od years later.
  11. Dodie

    Things you don't see anymore

    Sorry that was meant to be about Home and Colonial.
  12. Dodie

    Things you don't see anymore

    I think there was one on Exchange Walk, on the left going towards the Square. Mum sent me there for 1oz of bay leaves when I was about 12. Darent ask for 1oz so got a quarter. There were enogh to fill a sweet jar. Never lived that down, she told everyone.
  13. Dodie

    Where is This?

    If its on Canal Street, my Dad worked there. Dont recall the church behind though.
  14. Dodie

    Nottingham Festival 1970

    The "Navigation" was my home in the 50's and 60's.