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  1. Dodie

    Keep One Drop One

    Doubting Thomas
  2. Dodie

    Keep One Drop One

    Green Tea
  3. Dodie

    Keep One Drop One

    Wicket Keeper
  4. Dodie


    Happy Birthday Carni.
  5. Dodie

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Sue.
  6. Dodie

    Nottingham cinemas

    I can remember the palace picture house with the dome, the building next to the butchers on the corner was a toy shop.
  7. Dodie

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday. Have a great day.
  8. Dodie

    Junior School Songs you don't hear today

    Some of the songs we did, Who is Sylvia, Silent Worship, Bless this house, ShenandoĊ•, Early one morning and Yeomen of England.
  9. Dodie

    Bit a ' Bath Street.

    St Phillips Pennyfoot Street.
  10. Dodie

    Bit a ' Bath Street.

    A boy in my class in St Phillips in 1948 lived there. John Tufnell.
  11. Dodie

    Happy Birthday

    Belated Birthday greetings MargieH, pleased you had a good day.
  12. An interesting read, can see why it was never solved. Well done and good luck with the book.
  13. Dodie

    How's your day?

    Only ever had 3 vacuums in 57 years, Hoover constellation, Electrolux and latest a Shark which is very good.
  14. Dodie

    Films at school

    Trip from Welbeck to the Theatre Royal to the opera Manon Lescaut. Music teacher was a friend ofthe leading man. Playhouse to see Ten Little Nixxxrs. Deering King Solomens Mines. Part of RSA exam. On a trip to London The Mouse Trap.
  15. Dodie

    A walk on the Caithness moors in winter

    You're in for a treat.