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  1. Wow! only just getting into local history,this is great.Although i was told about the bombing when i was a kid i obviously was not interested.doh! Amazing,ask one question land up asking loads more.Looks like i may be visiting the archives sometime soon.
  2. How do i go about finding out about that then,i've tried to search but come up with nothing.
  3. MEGA NOTTSTALGIAN,can you tell me when the bombs fell,it seems one of my aunts was killed in 1942 in Nottingham she was only 22.I don't know if this is a another family fairytale.
  4. Thanks again everyone,most of my grandmothers family lived around Lower Eldon street and the back end of St Stephen's church,not pretty in the 1930s.However they did have a Pork butcher doing buisness at 114 Sneinton Boulavard untill 1914.Something else i'm looking into.
  5. Thanks everybody for your interest and replies..As Poohbear said it could be the yard of The Duke of Wellington Pub,but i may never get to know.
  6. Right,was at the Archives last week looking for burials of family member,the internment certificate(if thats what it is called) gave this as her address where she had died.Duke street and Newark street are at the back of St Stephen's church,however i cannot find Wellington Yard.Thanks Hazel
  7. Hi everyone,i am trying to find a map with Duke street,off Wellington Yard,Newark Street,Sneinton.I know of Duke street and Newark street but cannot find Wellington Yard,any help would be most appreciated. Hazel
  8. .God save the Queen.Do i want to be in a Rebublic?NO.
  9. Always the smell of burgers and onions,never the same when you make them yourself.No rubbish or additives to add to the taste. Made myself ill a few times having too much candy floss,cannot touch the stuff now,sigh.
  10. Yes! i should have been on the tea leaf stuff but i thought better of it.I cannot remember the last time i had an alcoholic drink mid afternoon,but just one bottle of Spitfire i deserved after gardening and that fed my lawn. I'm still ticked off because that was the last of the alcohol,and i had to go back to the tea.
  11. I admit,once i got over the shock of landing on my backside and my husband laughing(swine)i did have a giggle.Apprantley the drink that went flying in the air was the thing that tickled my hubby th emost.
  12. A beautiful day,enjoyed gardening for most of it.Decided to get the sun lounger out and sit with a tipple.Got everything ready,sat in said lounger,that was it,arse over tit.The damn thing collapsed on me,lucky not to have lost a finger or anything else come to that. Now that means i have to buy another one,not built to last nowadays.
  13. pixie,your two birds could be Gold Crests,we never used to have any birds in our garden,until we started putting all sorts of food out.Robins love walnuts,blackbirds love sultanas and we ask the butcher for fatty bacon so we can cut the fat off for the birds.Make my own fat balls too,plus lots of different seeds.Plus we have three water bowls for drinking and bathing,amazes my husband when in the cold depths of winter the blackbirds just sit in it.
  14. What a fabulous day.This seems to be the start of summer not spring.I have been pottering about the garden today and i have never seen so many Ladybirds,they are everywhere,anybody out there that may know the reason why? I was also watching a big fat bumble bee going from plant to plant,and burst out laughing when it landed on a minature daffodil,it was so heavy the flower head touched the ground. What a lovely afternoon
  15. Prefer the egg in a frying pan,and the chicken roasted with rosemary and garlic.Nice picture of breakfast and dinner.Meals start somewhere.
  16. Spitfire,had some of that at christmas with hubbie,very nice.Jeez, i sound like i have a problem,aa here i come.Sorry,i enjoy a drink.hic hic hic!
  17. A decent pint of bitter would go down nicely right now,not had one of those for a quite a while.No!I do not have a drink problem,yet!!!Still working on it.
  18. Well! where do i start,at home,lager,vodka and cranberry juice,sometimes a Guiness and blackcurrant.When,if i get the chance(not very often)a Red Witch,half pint of cider,shot of Pernod and a shot of blackcurant,do not need many of them to have a very merry night.
  19. Thanks cliff ton,visit the archives regular,unfortunately,i am not that good with the Electoral Rolls they seem to change boundries so often. How on earth do i find people when you do not know where or when they lived,other than somewhere in Sneinton.The only reason i know my grandparents lived at Lower Eldon Street is because that is the address on their marriage cert. Having no living rellies willing to speak to you makes it really difficult,aaarrrggg!
  20. Have to nip to the library to have a look,but,i think it's 1911.
  21. Walk down Lower Eldon Street on a regular basis,has'nt changed much in over twenty years.I have seen the pictures on Picture the past site.Just interested when they decided to get rid. More interested because thats where my grandparents lived(apparently).
  22. Hi everyone,can anyone out there tell me when the houses and shops were demolished on Lower Eldon street. Thanks.
  23. Yes indeed,the internet has made the world very small indeed. Gibbo 04 do you remember the Marriots,Browns or the Branson families.
  24. wow! thanks mick2me magic. High Gibbo 04 lived on the next street Linton rise from the mid 50s to when i got married in 1980. Sorry to say Beefsteak frequented a few pubs in my time but,unfortunately never run one.
  25. Thanks for the welcome.Yes username is a gob full,mistake on my part it was meant to be homegirl01,it took me ages to realise my mistake when i tried to registar doh!too fast on the enter button.