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  1. I visited Mr Straw's House with my daughter today, what an amazing place. Most everyday things have been left in situ since the late 1930's, with only minimal additions up to the 1980's. The mix of Victorian and Edwardian furniture is very pleasing on the eye. I would recommend going if you are interested in social history and architecture.
  2. I've been a member of Bromley house for just over a year now and try and get there two or three times a month, work permitting. You'll most probably find me in the Gallery area where pre 1970's fiction lives. Come and have a look if you haven't already done so, you will be entranced as I was......
  3. Congratulations to Nottinghamshire Outlaws and Alex Hales in particular, for winning the One Day Final......
  4. Nope, I still can't get any images. What a shame...
  5. I haven't been able to see them for ages as I can't get the images from NTU livestream. Anyone able to help me get them?
  6. Hello Nottinghamasm and welcome to the site. I've had a look at your site and find it really interesting. I especially enjoyed the article about graham Greene's book ' A Gun For Sale ' as I have a soft spot for film noir and subsequent novels written by Chandler et al. I will have to pick this particular gem up someday. I also use Insight Mapping and is very useful when recreating old with new. I will have an in depth look at a later date. Keep it up!
  7. Just read an article about the hosier Samuel Morley in September's edition of Bygones and came across a link for an internet site. Check it out, it's fascinating.
  8. Mary Kate Danaher: ' Could you use a little water in your whiskey? ' Michaleen Flynn: ' When I drinks whiskey, I drinks whiskey; and when I drinks water, I drinks water '.... ' Red Will Danaher ': ' He'll regret it to his dying day, if ever he lives that long! '.... From one of my all time favourite films ' The Quiet Man '...
  9. Eh....? Thank goodness there are those who know what they're doing!!
  10. They zoomed over Calverton...still a great sight to watch.
  11. That reminded me of a story my late dad told me a long time ago. Both my dad and granddad were both bin men working for West Bridgford Urban District Council back in the sixties. One Christmas my granddad had just emptied a bin when a man came out of his house. He took his off his cap and said ' merry Christmas, I'm the man who empties your bin ' the man just walks past him and says ' Arr, and I'm the bloke who fills, it now f**k off! '. My dad said he and his crew absolutely peed themselves and said my grandads' face was a picture! I never did tire of that story...
  12. Bleady awful start by Notts...oh well, we can only get better, can't we!?!
  13. Sam won't mess about. Expect a few arses kicked now he's gaffer....